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POE - Point of Existence 2 Client v1.7 Full

After a long, bloody war in the Sudan, the governments of the United States and Russia struck an uneasy cease-fire over the fate of Africa and its burgeoning industry. This peace would be short lived, for to the north a new conflict was brewing. Ukraine, a former satellite state of the Soviet Union, sought to gain back the power from which it once reveled in.
As the snow fell in a heavy midwinter storm, Ukrainian troops moved towards the border of Belarus. Without warning, Ukrainian troops attacked with a speed and effectiveness not seen since the blitzkrieg of WWII. With their aggressive tactics, the Ukrainian army reached the capital of Belarus in a matter of weeks. The lightly armed and ill-prepared Belarusian army could do little to stop this onslaught of men and metal.
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- Berezan Island
- Blue Nile 2
- Crimea Beach
- Assault on Odessa
- Red Dawn
- Risen
- Olesko Keep

- US AH-6 Littlebird
- US AH-1Z Super Cobra
- US M1A2 Abrams
- US F22 Raptor
- US F/A 18E/F
- UKR W3W Sokol
- UKR Su-27 Flanker A2A & Multirole variants

- GER DSR-1 Sniper Rifle
- US KaBar Knife
- UKR Mortar
- US M16A4 Assault Rifle
- US M4A1 Carbine

- US M167 VADS
- GER FK20mm Flak
- AT4 Spigot ATGM
- BGM-109 TLAM

- XM312 Grenade Launcher
- M240D HMG
- M224 Mortar
- T89 Mortar


Blue Nile
Berezan Island

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