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Comments and Rating for the file Storm Angel
Storm Angel Rating: 3.5

A nice horizontal shoot 'em up.
"LOADED Studio has been inactive for almost four years and we're not planning anything new. We feel it's time for us to turn the page and to close this web site. The site will be closed the 13th of August(2007).Until then, you can download Storm Angel for free since it should now be considered as an abandonware. You are therefore allowed to share it by any mean, just like a freeware.We hope you had a lot of fun playing the games we made and we wish you to play many other fun games !
The LOADED Studio team"

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» Author: dtd. 12.08.2007
» Size 15.74 MB; Needed time to download 34,2006 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 767

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