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Comments and Rating for the file The Desolate Room
The Desolate Room

On a remote desert island, a small robot named Coffee is slowing discovering the details about something strange that took place there more than a century ago. There are broken robots here and there, as well as a mysterious signal coming from under the ground. Coffee has befriended these old broken parts, and is determined to uncover the mystery of a strange virus that seems to have killed them those many years ago. After finding a working console station that can access and replay their memory chips, Coffee wonders if maybe it isn't too late to save them.

Arrow keys control movement for every navigation element in the game, including the avatar when you are in the console. These keys are also the only keys used for the different minigames you will play during battle.
Enter- Use this key to scroll text to the next page, or leave a menu screen. Mouse Click- The mouse is used to do most functions during combat. The mouse button is also used to fire your weapon while in avatar form.

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» Author: dtd. 25.08.2007
» Size 57.49 MB; Needed time to download 125,7375 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 961