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Comments and Rating for the file FLVParser - Split an FLV into pieces
FLVParser - Split an FLV into pieces Rating: 2.75

FLVParser.exe - a command-line tool to split FLVs into pieces
This is a great little command line utility that I am sure many of you will learn to love. It's a tool created by a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University and distributed to the flashcom community by Jim Wrubel. Here's Jim's description of the tool: Its intended use is to convert a large FLV into a series of shorter FLVs based on a series of millisecond-based timecodes. Using the -s switch will split the audio and video of the outputted files; the audio track will be extracted as a series of MP3 files, and the short FLVs produced will have no audio track at all

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» Author: dtd. 13.10.2007
» Size 1.11 MB; Needed time to download 2,118 Min with ISDN
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