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Comments and Rating for the file Hot Soup Processor (english version)
Hot Soup Processor (english version) Rating: 2.67

This is the english version of HSP3 editor and system.
It is almost fully translated to English. (menu, dialogs, error messages, command reference and command index.)

HSP3 is developed to create:

- 2D / 3D games
- Multimedia applications
- HSP fully supports DirectX
- HSP is an interpreter and
- It can build stand alone EXE:s from 100kb
- HSP is stable and it has been constantly developed from
- HSP has large community, which has provided lot of examples and libraries

» Author: dtd. 12.11.2007
» Size 4.29 MB; Needed time to download 9,531 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1165