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SHAIYA Rating: 2.44

Aeria games launch a new free mmo.
26 november 2007: closed beta

Game Features
Some of the features you can look forward to seeing in Shaiya:

1500 vs 1500 - The ultimate Realm vs. Realm combat.
Bootleggery - Sell items to the opposing faction in the secret warehouse.
Challenges - Sick of someone's trash talk? Request a battle with a member of your own realm.
Arena Fights - Enter the grand arena and take your fight to a new level.
Goddess Blessing - Crushing the enemy doesn't just feel good, but it helps your side.
Guild Events - Guild vs. Guild combat, Guild vs. Monster combat, and the upcoming Willows Trial!
Quests, Mounts, Executions, Boss Fights, Dungeons, Demons, Dragons, and more...

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