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Comments and Rating for the file Ca3DE (3d engine)
Ca3DE (3d engine) Rating: 2.5

Ca3DE is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine.
It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software.
The software development kit is freely available, and the DeathMatch MOD code is open-source.

Its main features include
high-quality, real-time 3D graphics,
a very powerful and flexible Material System,
cross-platform and cross-compiler portability,
multi-player network support,
physically correct lighting (radiosity based),
dynamic per-pixel lighting and shadows,
3D sound effects,
skeleton based model rendering,
very large terrain rendering,
freely available developer kit and MOD source code,
and easy extensibility by scripts and MODs.

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