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Comments and Rating for the file Bernard & Hank: Spring time Again (2007)
Bernard & Hank: Spring time Again (2007) Rating: 2

Hank Hoedown makes some pocket money by selling eggs, and plans to win the yearly egg contest with a huge egg. NationalLiberal, on the prowl for revenge, steals the big eggs and sends out his minions to paint and hide the rest of the eggs. Hank, along with his old pal Bernard Buffalo, has to go through 27 levels, meet around 20 different enemies and search for hidden bonuslevels to defeat NationalLiberal once again and get his egg back. Just like the first Bernard & Hank this is a straightforward platform game. The graphics are as simple as in the first game, but the gameplay, sound effects and music tracks are more advanced. Also included is the minigame Liberball (which was an unlockable in the first game) and a jukebox to listen to all music tracks.

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» Author: dtd. 16.05.2008
» Size 9.09 MB; Needed time to download 19,1121 Min with ISDN
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