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Comments and Rating for the file I WANNA BE THE GUY v1.0.0 (slow-mo version)
I WANNA BE THE GUY v1.0.0 (slow-mo version) Rating: 1.23

A hard as Hell platform.
I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a sardonic loveletter to the halcyon days of early American videogaming, packaged as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. Players fill the role of The Kid, a youthful, vaguely Megaman-esque protagonist on a quest to become The Guy. This inscrutable plot, however, is just a vehicle for a wide variety of inventive, well-designed and frustrating jump-and-shoot challenges that pay homage to many of the games you loved as a child. The ever-fragile Kid explodes in a shower of red pixels at the slightest brush from the game's many obstacles, from traditional spikes and bottomless pits to more unconventional killers, such as plantlife and puzzle pieces.
Do YOU have what it takes to be The Guy?

Use the L-Shift key to jump. You're jumping is very controllable. Hold down the jump button to get added height and distance. Also note that at any point of the jump (or even during a fall!) you may hit the jump button again to perform a double jump. Get used to how far you can jump and learn to control yourself in the air. You'll need those skills to get anywhere in this game.

Push the Z button to shoot. You can fire fairly rapidly if you have a fast pointer finger. You shouldn?t have to concern yourself with it but note that you can only have four shots in the air at a time.
Additional Notes:
Q: Suicide
R: Restart

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» Author: dtd. 02.07.2008
» Size 73.35 MB; Needed time to download 160,9440 Min with ISDN
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