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Comments and Rating for the file Wings of Fury 2 (remake)
Wings of Fury 2 (remake) Rating: 1.44

Wings Of Fury 2 is a remake of classic 89' action game - Wings Of Fury.


# Remake of classical arcade shooting game with modern 3d graphics including some nice special effects.
# The game rules remained the same - plane moves left & right with simplified flight physics while fighting enemy installations, planes and soldiers.
# Plane can be equipped with bombs or rockets. Also machine gun is always available
# Aircraft carrier is the place where the plane is repaired & resupplied. Successful take off and touch down is essential.
# Each mission requires eliminating all resistance. Levels differ by landscape, enemy force and daytime.
# Modding capabilities.

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» Author: dtd. 16.11.2008
» Size 46.44 MB; Needed time to download 101,5959 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 904

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