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Comments and Rating for the file Lords of Midnight
Lords of Midnight Rating: 1

A remake of Mike Singleton's Lords of Midnight.

The MIDNIGHT ENGINE is intended to be one program that can play both Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge. But not only that it can allow others to create new and exciting adventures either within the midnight world or using the midnight style. The designer can keep the rules that were
implemented for the Lords of Midnight or Doomdark's Revenge Scenarios or they may use the default set, giving their new game a different feel. Alternatively they can easily change code or data to completely change the rules.

The Midnight ENGINE also incorporates FRONTENDS. This allows new visual styles to be implemented without changing any of the game. This can be just graphics or even a different style of ouput.

Note: You can play the Zx spectrum (for pc) version by using dosbox, the game is in

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» Author: dtd. 23.12.2008
» Size 1.5 MB; Needed time to download 3,177 Min with ISDN
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