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Comments and Rating for the file Exit Fate v1.01
Exit Fate v1.01 Rating: 1

From the Author of Last Scenario, comes a new rpg.
Exit Fate is a full-length RPG created with RPGMaker XP.

The game is based more on the Suikoden series of games. This means that there are a LOT of characters to recruit for your army (75 in total), and that there are strategic war battles throughout the game. For those who are familiar with the Suikoden games though, the author points out a few important differences:

* There is no time limit for any of the characters. It's impossible to permanently miss anyone.
* There is a reward for obtaining all characters, but it will be obvious what it's going to be, and you're not required to get it before any specific point in the game.

F1: change controls/video settings (see manual for explanation)
Alt+Enter: switch to full screen. I have no idea why there is no normal key combination for this.

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