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Comments and Rating for the file ULTIMATE BUB n BROS v1.5
ULTIMATE BUB n BROS v1.5 Rating: 1

A multiplayer remake of famous Bubble Bobble.

* 1 to 10 players -- the best fun is with at least 3 players!
* Same gameplay as the famous McSebi's Bub & Bob.
* Over-the-network game and/or up to 3 players on the same computer.
* Completely original crazy bonuses!
* Capture other players in a bubble!
* New levels, including a random level generator!
* Don't miss Paxed's online level editor.
Un remake fantasioso e multiplayer del famoso Bubble Bobble.

Multiplayer fino a 10 giocatori!
Stesso gameplay del famoso McSebi's Bub & Bob per macintosh.
Partite in rete o fino in 3 sullo stesso computer.
Nuovi e originali bonus!
Cattura gli altri giocatori in una bolla!
Nuovi livelli e livelli generati random!

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» Author: dtd. 09.02.2006
» Size 11.85 MB; Needed time to download 25,1475 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 2459