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Disciple (Browser) Rating: 2.67

RuneScape meets Mortal Kombat.

Disciple takes place in a purely fictional world called "Aphelion". The world, characters, story and entire creation are based on the writings of Tobias R. Batton.

Disciple the Game is a browser based MMORPG. This is a game that can be played in the office, at school, on a lunch break or at home. If you are tired of checking your email and social networks throughout the day, or stuck at your in laws, this is the perfect game for you. Likewise, Disciple has the depth and challenge to keep hardcore players entertained for months.

Players will be immersed into an original fantasy world called "Aphelion" and encounter other real players from around the world. Explore the world and lore of Aphelion as you fight to develop your Disciple and increase in rankings with other players.

Disciples will fight online against each other to gain experience points, powerful weapons, armor and other unique items. All players will compete for "Geldors" (money) based on wins and losses. Unlock character titles and traits based on your kill habbits and develop your Disciple's playstyle and personality. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to create or join a clan, declare your allies and enemies and crush your foes.

The game will launch with 3 classes, 3 races, and 3 dieties to worship. These choices will determine the foundation and play-style of your character throughout the game. You will have the chance to complete quests assigned to you by your battle commander, and fight your friends online in a persistant world.

The game is free for all to play, but those that wish can recieve access to additional content for a small monthly fee.

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