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Comments and Rating for the file VanGuard Princess - VANGADOPURINSESU

VANGADOPURINSESU - VanGuard Princess is a nice japanese 10 characters selectable street fighter type game.

To run the game your windows must be able to read japanese chars, u can also use a microsft program named AppLocale to run unicode games, or if you have a powerful computer u can run in a virtual machine setted up for japanese.

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How to run Japanese Software

Using AppLocale (warning advanced users only)

If you use AppLocale, remeber to rename the two files xxxxxx.exe and xxxxxx.kgt with an English name (e.g. Vanguard Princess.exe & Vanguard Princess.kgt) you can choose a name yourself, but the two files need to have the same name.

» Author: dtd. 05.07.2009
» Size 163.13 MB; Needed time to download 356,21004 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1394

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