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Comments and Rating for the file FreeCiv 2.1.9 (linux-sourcecode)
FreeCiv 2.1.9 (linux-sourcecode)

Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the stone age to the space age....

-Generally comparable with Civilization I & II.
-Up to 30 players!
-Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer-controlled players.
-Internet & LAN multiplayer (TCP/IP).
-Support for a great number of platforms see Requirements.
-Premade maps & scenarios!
-more than 50 playable units and far beyond 100 nations.
-Modpack support!
-Internationalization (i18n): Translations for 29 languages available.
-In game help system.

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» Author: dtd. 24.08.2009
» Size 27.9 MB; Needed time to download 60,3540 Min with ISDN
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