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Comments and Rating for the file The White Chamber v1.7
The White Chamber v1.7 Rating: 2.1

The White Chamber v1.7 - Definitive Editon -

Studio Trophis' debut public production, the white chamber, is a point and click horror adventure game. Explore a strange environment crafted in luscious 2D. Control a trapped young woman from 3rd person perspective as she solves puzzles and overcomes the twisted obstacles in her path.

* Mixing elements of visual and psychological horror to create a truly terrifying atmosphere
* Stunning 24-bit colour Anime-style graphics
* Hand drawn opening and ending animated cut-scenes
* Haunting soundtrack of ambient noise and disturbing sound effects
* English or German voice acting
* Twisting mysterious storyline about obsession, murder and redemption
* Engaging gameplay of exploration and puzzle solving
* Eight different endings and a selection of hidden easter eggs
* Game text available in nine languages (English, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Russian)
* Powered by the incredible WME (WinterMute Engine)

The game is of the horror, sci-fi and mystery genres and has some violent, bloody and other possibly offensive material.

Attenzione: Gioco horror/splatter consigliato ad un pubblico di 15+ anni

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» Author: dtd. 13.09.2009
» Size 350.35 MB; Needed time to download 765,45135 Min with ISDN
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