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CryENGINE C++ MOD SDK v1.4 Rating: 2.67

The CryENGINE C++ Mod SDK v1.4 for Far Cry is available for download. The Software Development Kit includes the updated game source code of Patch 1.4 as well as some new and re-worked documentations. The complete change log can be found here:

Source Code:
* Updated source code for CryGame.DLL to match 1.4 status

* Included How to use the built in Internet simulator.pdf
* Included Tools to tweak FarCry MP.pdf
* Included Far Cry Joypad Functionality Manual.pdf
* Updated GameSource-Readme.pdf
* Updated Far Cry Engine Overview.pdf

» Author: dtd. 17.10.2009
» Size 30.69 MB; Needed time to download 67,3953 Min with ISDN
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