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Comments and Rating for the file Far Cry Patch v1.4 (FULL)
Far Cry Patch v1.4 (FULL) Rating: 1

This patch includes the content from all patches ever released and thus updates your Far Cry 1.0/1.1 version to 1.4. Despite the rumors, this patch will be available for Windows 32-bit version only.

The function of the leaked patch 1.4 where people could activate HDR and Anti-Aliasing at the same time on ATI graphic cards has been cut due to engine related reasons.

The patch has been created for multiplayer only, so the single player campaign is not getting affected. In addition to weapon and assault game mode balancing, several new ingame features and new parts of the user interface have been added to ease both server administration and client play. A summary list of the content and detailed feature list included in Far Cry Patch 1.4 documentation.

For all server administrators who want to update their Windows Dedicated Server manually, be sure that you upload only following files from your Patch 1.4 installation:

Bin32 folder (replace all older files with the new ones)
FCData (Scripts.pak)
Levels (mp_jungle, all new mp_px_* maps) note: please delete the entire mp_jungle folder before uploading the new one

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» Author: dtd. 17.10.2009
» Size 172.9 MB; Needed time to download 377,22243 Min with ISDN
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