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Comments and Rating for the file Ben Jordan Case 1:In Search of the Skunk Ape
Ben Jordan Case 1:In Search of the Skunk Ape

Ben Jordan 'investigatore del paranormale', una serie di avventure(auto conclusive) che vede Ben alle prese con il paranormale. OFFICIAL SITE
Ben's first case finds him in the Florida Everglades, looking for something known as "The Skunk-Ape" which is said to be a local variation on Bigfoot. The Skunk-Ape got its name because of its horrible smell, described as a mixture of moldy cheese, rotten eggs, and dung.
Several park rangers have been murdered, and so Ben is called in to investigate the possibility that the Skunk-Ape is involved. Help him survive long enough to solve his first case!

» Author: dtd. 02.05.2006
» Size 6.2 MB; Needed time to download 13,767 Min with ISDN
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