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CLOUD Rating: 1

Cloud, also known as That Cloud Game or Cloud: The Game, is a third-person computer puzzle game, designed by Jenova Chen, based on weather and atmospheric aesthetics.The first version of Cloud was released as a free download on the web in the fall of 2005. Designed in the Interactive Media Division at the University of Southern California. The game features distinctive hand-drawn art, as well as non-violent, whimsical play inspired by Keita Takahashi's Katamari Damacy. The URL for Cloud, is drawn from a remark by Bing Gordon, who referred to Katamari Damacy as "that garbage game.
Un divertente, originale e rilassante gioco free in cui potremo volare tra uno splendido arcipelago di isolotti...

lo zip comprende anche il manuale.

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» Author: FireSword dtd. 14.02.2006
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