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Comments and Rating for the file The Silver Lining - Part One: Shadows (demo RC1)
The Silver Lining - Part One: Shadows (demo RC1) Rating: 1

Unofficial King 's quest IX.
The Silver Lining is the fan-designed ninth episode inspired by the King's Quest series. This series is Sierra On-Line's flagship collection of adventure games, designed by the award-winning Roberta Williams.
The Silver Lining features a 1500+ page script, 9 chapters, hundreds of characters, gigabytes of 2D & 3D artwork, both a live & online voiceover cast, hundreds of songs and all being put into a 3D game engine.
The Silver Lining is a 3D cinematic 3rd person screen-to-screen, point-and-click adventure game that you have never experienced before.
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» Author: dtd. 24.08.2006
» Size 75.88 MB; Needed time to download 165,9735 Min with ISDN
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