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Comments and Rating for the file Papyrus INDYCAR 2 Demo (Dos)
Papyrus INDYCAR 2 Demo (Dos) Rating: 1.25

Revive the great Indycar 2 on this demo! 3 tracks to experience one of the best drive simulation of that era. To run this game u need DOSBOX, and don t forget to run it with the -h parameter to get the hi-res. I tried this one and it looks and feels as good as i remembered.
Indycar 2 demo! Una vecchia gloria del passato, l'ho provato recentemente e devo dire di esere rimasto piacevolmente preso. Il demo offre 3 circuiti, per farlo funzionare dovete obbligatoriamente usare il DOSBOX

» Author: dtd. 29.08.2006
» Size 6.58 MB; Needed time to download 14,826 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1946