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Londinivm is a RPG set in ancient Roman ruled London. Londinivm is a free game played on any web browser, with no downloads.

Londinivm offers eight different player classes, each with different assets. Choose one and be on your way! The gameplay of Londinivm is highly self-guided, and players are able to take their characters in many directions. Beat your opponents in the Battle Arena, or spy on them and thieve from them as they are working with one of the two thieving classes. Master in-depth blacksmith activities such as mining, smelting, and forging weapons. Become rich selling and trading goods on the black market, or stocks on the stock market. Own land and employ peasants to do labour. Travel to other cities to unlock their mysteries. Become a master of one skill or a jack-of-all-trades! The possibilities are endless for an individual character.

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