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DOOM 64 TC(Richiede Doom 2) Rating: 1.04

Reso possibile(su pc moderni) grazie alla release del codice sorgente di Doom, questo Doom 64 offre: 8 livelli single-player, grafica e sonoro migliorati, full-3d(mouse look) e inoltre presente un espansione che aggiunge 4 nuovi nemici e 7 livelli aggiuntivi.
Nota: Lo zip comprende: Il gioco, il music wad(per le musiche enhanced), e the outcast level(espansione).Semplicemente scompattate in una directory e lanciate l'eseguibile. Buon Divertimento.Please go to author site and support them, download from them if possible otherwise here is backup.
Attenzione:la Tc richiede una versione registrata di Doom2
Attention:the Doom64 requires a registered version of Doom 2
Sito Ufficiale

» Author: dtd. 03.08.2006
» Size 84.63 MB; Needed time to download 184,10856 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 620
» Rating: 1.04 at 114 Votes

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Overload's ModPack v4.0 Rating: 1.02

Una raccolta di mods per Oblivion.
"The objective of this ModPack is to give users a package that includes all of the mods that I feel are a nice starting point for using mods. Most of the mods included have little or no impact on actual gameplay. There are a few exceptions; see the "Mod Categories" section below for details. I created this package because I found it to be quite challenging to find good mods at the current time. This is because of the chaotic and unorganized nature of the mod forums at combined with the fact that there is no good website
with an index of all the mods out there with ratings and such. Hopefully this package will save some users a headache. Note that all the mods in this package do not conflict with each other - it's perfectly safe to run all of them at the same time (that's what I do!) That being said, I do not expect everyone to just install all of the mods in this pack off the bat. You should read through the
mod list below and pick the ones you like the sound of, and install them individually. I'm not saying "Everyone should use the mods I use."

» Author: dtd. 05.07.2006
» Size 121.12 MB; Needed time to download 264,15576 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 683
» Rating: 1.02 at 231 Votes

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W40K:DOW STEEL LEGION 1.0 Rating: 1.12

Questo bellissimo mod e' dedicato al reggimento Steel Legion dell'Imperial Guard. Aggiunge un nuovo esercito.

Sito Ufficiale

Questa e' l'ultima versione che supporta DOW

» Author: Angelinux dtd. 29.04.2006
» Size 66.76 MB; Needed time to download 145,8555 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 619
» Rating: 1.12 at 25 Votes

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W40K:DOW DEMON HUNTERS 0.8 Rating: 1.01

L'ultima versione di questo bellissimo mod. Aggiunge 3 nuovi eserciti Ordo Hereticus Ordo Xenos e Ordo Malleus.

Sito Ufficiale

Il mod richiede dow 1.3 come versione minima

» Author: Angelinux dtd. 29.04.2006
» Size 66.76 MB; Needed time to download 145,8555 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 740
» Rating: 1.01 at 166 Votes

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Doom 3 SDK v2.0 Rating: 1

Doom 3 SDK. Aggiunto il supporto ai veicoli.

Sito Ufficiale

» Author: dtd. 19.04.2006
» Size 10.49 MB; Needed time to download 22,1298 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 669
» Rating: 1 at 58 Votes

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