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ALIEN ARENA 2009 v7.31 to v7.32 Rating: 1

This is a patch to update version 7.31 to version 7.32.
It fixes some critical bugs with version 7.31, as well as adding some new content and other features.

Some of the new features in this release:

* Fixed bug with Nvidia 191.xx drivers causing game to crash on startup
* Dynamic world shadows using shadowmaps
* Game no longer automatically sets video settings on first run.
* New level, Dm-zion2k9!
* Splash damage triggers hit indicator.
* New spawn effects.

Alien Arena 2009 7.32, it's open sourced free online deathmatch game featuring a retro sci-fi theme!


Una nuova versione di Alien Arena e' stata appena rilasciata per Windows e Linux. Alien Arena e' un gioco completamente free in stile Quake 3 Arena. Buon frag a tutti!


» Author: dtd. 24.10.2009
» Size 2.59 MB; Needed time to download 5,295 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4508
» Rating: 1 at 1 Votes

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Far Cry Patch v1.4 (FULL) Rating: 1

This patch includes the content from all patches ever released and thus updates your Far Cry 1.0/1.1 version to 1.4. Despite the rumors, this patch will be available for Windows 32-bit version only.

The function of the leaked patch 1.4 where people could activate HDR and Anti-Aliasing at the same time on ATI graphic cards has been cut due to engine related reasons.

The patch has been created for multiplayer only, so the single player campaign is not getting affected. In addition to weapon and assault game mode balancing, several new ingame features and new parts of the user interface have been added to ease both server administration and client play. A summary list of the content and detailed feature list included in Far Cry Patch 1.4 documentation.

For all server administrators who want to update their Windows Dedicated Server manually, be sure that you upload only following files from your Patch 1.4 installation:

Bin32 folder (replace all older files with the new ones)
FCData (Scripts.pak)
Levels (mp_jungle, all new mp_px_* maps) note: please delete the entire mp_jungle folder before uploading the new one

Author site

» Author: dtd. 17.10.2009
» Size 172.9 MB; Needed time to download 377,22243 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4700
» Rating: 1 at 2 Votes

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Race Driver: GRID v1.3 PC-DVD Patch Rating: 3.1

Codemasters has released a patch updating Race Driver: GRID to v1.3.

Author Site

- Added support for additional content packs.
- Added support for Motion Platform D-Box.
- Increasing the maximum view distance by 1 km so it is possible to see the entire length of the hill roads on San Francisco
- Fix for personal best lap time not replacing world record lap time when playing without internet connection.
- Fix for race day personal best lap times only being valid for first race in a grid world event.
- Fix for being able to select too many different types of cars in multiplayer events Long Beach Battle and Drift Inter GP.
- Fix for being able to select the Pontiac GTO in multiplayer Touring cars events.
- Fix for vehicles bought on eBay applying performance modifiers when playing multiplayer events.
- Fix for being awarded 1 lap in online stats for freestyle drift events.
- Prevented the editing ebay.xml cheat

and much more, please note this patch works only with the dvd version direct2drive,steam,etc patch coming soon.

» Author: dtd. 13.10.2009
» Size 189.7 MB; Needed time to download 414,24426 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4830
» Rating: 3.1 at 10 Votes

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UFO: Afterlight patch v1.7

This patch upgrades any previous version of UFO: Afterlight to version 1.7.
Thanks to Ufo forum community and especially PetteriB, who has biggest merit in this patch.

* This patch supports following language versions: English, French, German, Russian,
Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Italian, Chinese
* This patch adds an application called Localization Pack Manager which can be
used for changing game's language
* It is recommended to start a new game when upgrading from v1.5 or earlier version of UFO:AL

* Add-on duplication bug
* Expedition Commander and Expedition Soldier mix up in research item names
* Drones no longer get paralyzed by Beastman paralyzing ammunition
* It is no longer possible to get additional characters to join your team by letting a drone
get killed during a mission
* It is now possible to fix the "corrupted ground textures" problem by disabling bump mapping
for ground models in the "Graphics" option menu (thanks to Stucuk and Lord Storm)

New/changed features:
* DVD check removed since 1.6 (no need to insert the DVD every time you play the game)
* Removed some shader restrictions to allow the game to run on wider variety of graphics cards
* The game now displays a dialog box when enemy attacks your home base
* It is now possible to change the item mode for all selected units at once
* Enemies use different fire modes based on the distance to their targets
* The game will now use different quick save files for tactical and strategic modes
* The game no longer generates capture missions on enemy main bases
* DVD check removed (no need to insert the DVD every time you play the game)

Modding related changes:
* Third armor add-on slot is now visible when using mods that enable it

Author Site

» Author: dtd. 20.09.2009
» Size 18.23 MB; Needed time to download 39,2301 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4346
» Not rated yet

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BATTLEFIELD 2 PATCH 1.50 Rating: 2.33

This is the long-awaited version 1.50 patch for Battlefield 2. In addition to making all content from both expansions free-to-play, it includes a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

Note: You need BF2 updated to v1.41 to use this patch

Battlefield 2 Patch v1.5

- Additional support for Windows Vista.
- Added Highway Tampa as a required map.
- Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl.
- Added Euro Force and Armored Fury as free to play content for all Battlefield 2 players.
- Added Widescreen support
- Allowed BF2.exe to use more than 2Gb RAM
- Added support for the Novint Falcon controller (

» Author: dtd. 02.09.2009
» Size 1971.74 MB; Needed time to download 4307,254113 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4834
» Rating: 2.33 at 3 Votes

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