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ALBATROSS 18 Rating: 1.01

PangYa (Albatross 18 in USA), is an online multiplayer casual golf simulation game designed by a Korean development company, Ntreev Soft and published by Korean online game publisher HanbitSoft. The full game is free to download, although certain special items for the game (such as clothes for characters, new equipment, and decorations) can only be purchased with real money. However, all characters are purchasable without real money, and certain measures have been taken to minimize or effectively reduce the differences between money users and non-money users. The game awards players with Pang, a currency that can be used to upgrade a character, or items to gain the upper hand during a course.

PangYa currently has servers in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Europe, the Philippines, China, Singapore (serving Southeast Asia as well) and the US (known there as Albatross18).

Aggiunto Albatross 18, un simpatico gioco di golf online free, con un po di humour e anime style.

Sito Ufficiale

» Author: dtd. 19.02.2006
» Size 0 kB; Needed time to download 0 Sec. with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1128
» Rating: 1.01 at 175 Votes

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With Your Destiny often referred to as WYD or SD (Supreme Destiny), is a Free-to-play Scandinavian-based MMORPG game developed by JoyImpact Co. Ltd in South Korea. The game itself was widespread by JoyImpact Co., Ltd marketing since May 2003 and have licensed to an impressive 5 countries worldwide. Much of the game interaction encourage and focus on fast pace orientation and party system to lever the traditional tiresome leveling system. Also the game features a castle siege war system in the cities of Armia, Arzan and Erion that advanced the guild systems.
Un interessante e free mmo fantasy con un ottimo gameplay. Da provare..

» Author: dtd. 10.02.2006
» Size 0 kB; Needed time to download 0 Sec. with ISDN
» Total Hits: 703
» Rating: 1 at 104 Votes

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Allegiance is a team-oriented online multiplayer space combat simulation with real-time strategy (RTS) elements. It could be described as a much-improved "X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter." Whereas most multiplayer online games have a very simplistic concept of teamwork, if any, Allegiance distinguishes itself by having a strategy interface that demands teamwork in order to accomplish anything. Despite all these advancements, Allegiance still works great on a Pentium 2 computer with a 56k modem. Allegiance can be played exclusively on LAN or internet servers.

» Author: dtd. 10.02.2006
» Size 47.68 MB; Needed time to download 104,6136 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 419
» Rating: 1 at 98 Votes

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STARPORT:Galactic Empires Rating: 1

» Author: dtd. 08.02.2006
» Size 0 kB; Needed time to download 0 Sec. with ISDN
» Total Hits: 453
» Rating: 1 at 94 Votes

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KAL ONLINE Rating: 1

» Author: dtd. 08.02.2006
» Size 0 kB; Needed time to download 0 Sec. with ISDN
» Total Hits: 343
» Rating: 1 at 52 Votes

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