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Fuck Oregon, Let's Go Find EL DORADO Rating: 1.8

Fuck Oregon, Let's Go Find EL DORADO is a nice physic game where you must reach El Dorado in a limited time.

An hilarious reference to Oregon Trail's game.

- realistic Conestoga wagon physics
- 3 exciting diseases
- the legendary city of gold

Author site

Ludum Dare Page

» Author: dtd. 15.12.2009
» Size 1.37 MB; Needed time to download 2,118 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1547
» Rating: 1.8 at 10 Votes

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The Cherokee Indian Special Edition

By: Jr. Jellybeans
Published: July 2009

Go on the most exciting Native American adventure ever!

Experience life as a young Cherokee Indian boy in this amazing game. In it, you will hunt and capture animals, plant crops, and discover untold secrets.


* you can easily play this game as it's played using only the mouse
* it's going to keep you entertained for hours - there are over 100 levels
* you can use it as a great learning tool for kids

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» Author: dtd. 12.12.2009
» Size 34.97 MB; Needed time to download 76,4484 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1257
» Not rated yet

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Eversion v1.7.3


A cute platform game with a dark secret.

"Sounds - possibly musical - heard in the night from other worlds or realms of being." - H.P. Lovecraft

Platform: Shiny (Windows / Wine)

Controls: Keyboard: Arrows move, Z jumps, X everts / Joystick: Pad moves, B1 jumps, B2 everts

Credits: Zaratustra (game), Miroslav Malesevic (some of the music)

Author Site

Watch a Video

If you like the game please consider to donate $ 5 or more to the Author at his website, you'll receive the HD version of Eversion. Proceeds will be used to cover Eversion's submission to PAX and IGF, as well as development of further games.

» Author: dtd. 28.11.2009
» Size 10.22 MB; Needed time to download 22,1298 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 7854
» Not rated yet

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Tiger's Bane

Tiger's Bane is a hybrid of the shoot-em-up and simulation genres, combining side scrolling action with realistic elements such as limited ammunition, accurate modelling of weapons and their effects, flight dynamics that take inertia and wind into consideration, and a wide array of real battlefield machinery to fly, destroy, and protect.

In Tiger's Bane you take on the role of air cavalry commander against a growing world terrorist threat. You have full control over which helicopters you and your wingmen (up to 2) will fly, including the Apache, Comanche, and Super Cobra Gunships, and the Blackhawk transport helicopter. You can also call on support from F-16 and A-10 attack planes from the fighter squadron.

The more than 80 missions take place in various locales, including large cities, island chains, and blistering deserts. Random weather effects such as rain, wind, fog, and thunderstorms are modelled, in addition to variable time of day. For night missions your helicopters are equipped with infra-red night vision systems.

Author Site

» Author: dtd. 22.11.2009
» Size 1.09 MB; Needed time to download 2,118 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1249
» Not rated yet

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Jayenkai Games Collection 15 Rating: 1

» Author: dtd. 18.11.2009
» Size 35.26 MB; Needed time to download 77,4543 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 1321
» Rating: 1 at 2 Votes

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