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Cosmos Quest III: Mines of Isagor Rating: 1.38

Cosmos Quest adventure series is influenced by Space Quest series of Sierra.

Author Site
Previous Chapters

The Game is available in English, Spanish and Bulgarian language, download spanish and bulgarian version at the Author Site as well as newer versions in English.

» Author: dtd. 30.11.2009
» Size 55.66 MB; Needed time to download 121,7139 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4300
» Rating: 1.38 at 13 Votes

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FullyRamblomatic Special Editions PACK

Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw have decided to release for free its Special Editions Game versions, previously obtainable only by making a donation. The zip includes:

5 Days Special Edition
5DAS is a medium-length free adventure game with a horror theme. The SE include:
- Author Commentary throughout the game!
- A new 'Interview' scene!
- Three concept sketches!
- All four music tracks in MIDI format!

7 Days Special Edition
7 Days a Skeptic is the sequel to 5 Days A Stranger, the critically-acclaimed horror adventure by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw. It is advised that you play 5 Days before starting 7 Days.
The SE include:
- Author commentary!
- Original 'Birthday' Easter Egg!
- Outtakes!
- The in-game MIDI music!
- A new 'early warning' system for the chase sequences!

Trilby's Notes Special Edition
The third game in the John DeFoe series, which expands the storyline and connects 5 Days and 7 Days.
Additional features include author commentary, the full soundtrack with composer notes and prototype tracks, the Books of Chzo in Word format and an extended ending scene.

6 Days Special Edition
6 Days A Sacrifice is the fourth and final instalment of the John DeFoe series, which thus far has encompassed 5 Days A Stranger, 7 Days A Skeptic and Trilby's Notes. Since this game is intended to tie up the loose ends left behind by the three previous episodes, it is highly recommended that you play through all of them first. The SE include:
- Author commentary
- Soundtrack with composer notes
- Expanded ending sequence
- STP / Ministry of Occultism classified files

1213 Special Edition
1213 is a psychological adventure in the style of Flashback, as in running shooting climby up ledges etc. It's about an amnesiac who wakes up in a cell not knowing how he is..
The SE include:
- All three episodes in a convenient package
- 1213: Immunity - an all-new playable scenario exclusive to this edition
- Running author commentary throughout all three original episodes
- Reference texts and a sprite sheet offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the development process

This is a MUST download for all the fans of Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw.

Visit the Author Site

» Author: dtd. 29.11.2009
» Size 14.08 MB; Needed time to download 30,1770 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 21531
» Rating: 0.2 at 5 Votes

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The White Chamber v1.7 Rating: 2.1

The White Chamber v1.7 - Definitive Editon -

Studio Trophis' debut public production, the white chamber, is a point and click horror adventure game. Explore a strange environment crafted in luscious 2D. Control a trapped young woman from 3rd person perspective as she solves puzzles and overcomes the twisted obstacles in her path.

* Mixing elements of visual and psychological horror to create a truly terrifying atmosphere
* Stunning 24-bit colour Anime-style graphics
* Hand drawn opening and ending animated cut-scenes
* Haunting soundtrack of ambient noise and disturbing sound effects
* English or German voice acting
* Twisting mysterious storyline about obsession, murder and redemption
* Engaging gameplay of exploration and puzzle solving
* Eight different endings and a selection of hidden easter eggs
* Game text available in nine languages (English, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Russian)
* Powered by the incredible WME (WinterMute Engine)

The game is of the horror, sci-fi and mystery genres and has some violent, bloody and other possibly offensive material.

Attenzione: Gioco horror/splatter consigliato ad un pubblico di 15+ anni

Author Site

» Author: dtd. 13.09.2009
» Size 350.35 MB; Needed time to download 765,45135 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4757
» Rating: 2.1 at 10 Votes

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Annie Android: Automated Affection Rating: 2

Annie Android has her eye on that handsome Mailbot, but is shocked to discover that she has been assigned to be another robot's partner!

Help Annie win the heart of Mailbot and defeat the nasty RoboHQ!

Game Author Blog

AGS Game Page

» Author: dtd. 20.07.2009
» Size 4.26 MB; Needed time to download 9,531 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 4120
» Rating: 2 at 1 Votes

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An encounter with a strange spirit and an even stranger fly leave a traveler with questions about purpose, fate and the source.

Follow this traveler as they seek to find something more from their life and find their true purpose.

Game Author Blog

AGS Game Page

» Author: dtd. 20.07.2009
» Size 11.7 MB; Needed time to download 25,1475 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 3999
» Rating: -1 at 1 Votes

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