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Open Arena 0.70 (macintosh) Rating: 2.67

» Author: dtd. 15.07.2007
» Size 238.99 MB; Needed time to download 522,30798 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 901
» Rating: 2.67 at 3 Votes

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WORLD of PADMAN (Macintosh) Rating: 1

World of Padman made the change from a mod for Quake 3 Arena up to a very own game. It is available for free and features 7 game types, 12 maps, 6 player characters, own music, and more.

Author Site

» Author: dtd. 04.04.2007
» Size 524.52 MB; Needed time to download 1145,67555 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 2014
» Rating: 1 at 1 Votes

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory universal binary for MacOS X Rating: 1.46

id Software programmer Timothee Besset recently updated his .plan file with the release announcement of a Universal Binary update for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The free stand alone online multiplayer game offers players the chance to participate in multi-level WWII campaigns, choosing from one of five classes and arming themselves with a variety of weapons.
I've been putting that build together as a side project for a while now, and it was time to get it out. I'll watch for feedback and fix showstoppers (if any). The client will work against the official ET 2.60 servers running etmain/, and PunkBuster is included.

I hope ETPro and other major ET mods out there can update and support the new Mac client soonish. Meanwhile you may have a bit of trouble finding servers that will accept this new client (the best approach may be to use qstat and filter for servers running etmain/, I haven't found a good third party server browser for OSX at this point)
I updated the SDK (there are very little changes to the source), in which you'll find XCode projects to compile the universal binaries of ui, game and cgame.
There. I hope that kicks off a GREAT year for the Enemy Territory franchise
Check out the links below for more information.
- (the game from id software 2.60c)
- (alternative to ftp)
- (for server stats retrievieng)
- (game sdk)
Now it works with new intel macs.
Client del free fps enemy territory per MAC OS X.
Un bellisimo gioco sulla WWII che utilizza l'engine di Quake 3.
Adesso funziona con i nuovi intel macs.

» Author: Angelinux dtd. 22.01.2007
» Size 257.81 MB; Needed time to download 563,33217 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 2156
» Rating: 1.46 at 68 Votes

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Open Arena 0.60 (MAC OS X) Rating: 1.75

» Author: dtd. 07.12.2006
» Size 6.68 MB; Needed time to download 14,826 Min with ISDN
» Total Hits: 814
» Rating: 1.75 at 4 Votes

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True Combat:Elite (Wolfstein ET mod) Macintosh

» Author: dtd. 04.12.2006
» Size 0 kB; Needed time to download 0 Sec. with ISDN
» Total Hits: 2796
» Rating: 0.5 at 4 Votes

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