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Tower of Blocks

Description: Your goal is to build the tallest tower possible. The taller it is, the better it is. But don't let your tower fall over! That will lead to a game over(thats very bad). Update: Fixed a bug where the game freezes and nothing happens. It was a rare bug. A few tips: * Try to keep the pieces close together. This will create a stronger tower. * Try to fit pieces into other pieces. * Do not leave gaps. This will cause structural weakness. * Do set pieces on diagonals, this will allow sliding. * Put pieces of the same color together; this will give you more time! Features: * 15 unlockable trophies! * Accurate physics * Awesome tower building * Sounds and Music

Instructions: Controls Up Arrow/Down Arrow - Rotate the current piece. Left Arrow - Move the current piece left. Right Arrow - Move the current piece right. A and D - Make the piece fall faster.

Game Author: rocketman2017

PLAY FULLSCREEN (warning Game will restart)

DOWNLOAD THIS GAME (Right Click save as)