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Description: Slippers the Sheep is a citizen of the peaceful and scenic village of Dunbar. Now, a mysterious Word Blob is threatening the village and the villagers have picked Slippers to stop it. There are two ways to do this: defeat the Word Blob in a battle of words, or feed it a live sheep (i.e. Slippers!) Of course, Slippers would prefer the first option. Bravely heading out with his sling and trusty noodle, Slippers remembers that he hasn't yet learnt how to spell! Slippers needs YOUR help!!

Instructions: Pop the Word Blob by forming words from the letters it contains. Noodling: To attack the Word Blob by spelling a word, type the word or select the letters with the mouse and hit the noodle button in front of Slippers. If your attack is successful, the Word Blob will shrink in size! Letter Bush: The bush to the left of Slippers grows additional letters which Slippers can throw into the Word Blob to help form bigger words. Defeat the Word Blob before it gets too big!

Game Author: smloh

PLAY FULLSCREEN (warning Game will restart)

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