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cave story freegame download

Hi, do you know about some free game or great news we should list here? Please take 5 seconds to send us a link or (why not?) a complete review or description together with the link. If you are an Author please include also a statement where you tell us if we can or can’t also host the game or not.

Thank you.

You can also use the forum but this way it’s faster and doesn’t require registration. Please note that your submitted news or games won’t appear here immediatly, first we will check them and then (if no problems) they will be published. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to review what u sent.

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Submit only freeware games.

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  1. By Laughing Man on March 9, 2012

    Hi, Ive been playing an amazing game called ‘King Arthur’s Gold’ nearly nonstop for four days now. Its a 2d game that’s kind of a cross between minecraft and team fortress. Players can choose to play as a knight or an archer to fight the other team or play as a builder and construct defenses for their team (or undermine their opponents defenses). CTF style game-play is standard but there are a few other game modes. Here’s the link:

    The game is free to play in alpha and I believe the features that are currently in the game will remain free to play, but one has an option to buy a premium account (cheaper during alpha) that gives you access to premium content as it is developed.

    Long time fan of the site by the way, keep up the good work ^_^

  2. By Max M. on May 1, 2012

    Game Title: Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
    Publisher: Atlus Online
    Game Summary:
    ATLUS’ renowned series, Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) is now available to play online! Enter the post-apocalyptic world in which the forces of law and chaos perpetually wage wars of wills, where you stand at the threshold of new greatness, armed with a demon bound to you by friendship, fate, or hatred. Fight solo or alongside your clan on the side of chaos, law or the neutral mercenary bands with magic or weaponry. Customize your character’s appearance, combat style and strategic battle expertise from the beginning. Fuse your demons into new, stronger allies with unique skills, and modify your weapons when you choose to save or destroy the world…

    Download Link:

  3. By Agrauwin on May 7, 2012

    Clash of the Dragons (mmo card game)

  4. By wassersturm on May 10, 2012

    Game Title: Stendhal
    Publisher: The Arianne Open Source Project
    Type: Multipler RPG
    Game Server:

    Stendhal is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel.

    Stendhal has a huge and rich world. You can explore cities, forest, mountains, mines, plains, caves and dungeons.

    You could meet over 250 NPCs, many will give you tasks and quests for valuable experience, shiny gold, but mainly a warm fuzzy feeling. You may be asked to help protect land or people from danger, feed the hungry, heal the sick, make someone happy, solve a puzzle, play a game or simply lend a hand. You can keep track of your progress using a Travel Log.

    Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons, trade with friends, or look for what other players are giving away in the ‘community chest’.

    If you just want to fight that helps too – the cities could get overrun by monsters without you!

    • We showcased this game in march 2007, unfortunatly it is in the “messy” part of the website-archives..

      I really should put order in the old archives by remaking posts, but it takes a lot of time.

  5. By satrincha on May 12, 2012

    Argh … I never seen this subject … you should change the color just for him ^^

    so … I put my comment here too :

    Hi, I thought you had talk about Casus Belli, a mod for Crysis Wars available for free, it use the demo.

    There is another mod available for free with Crysis Wars demo, it is called Wreckage. The Standalone can be download here :

    I dont know if there is other free mod standalone. ++

    • I found the Wreckage too, it will be showcased in the following days.. about Casus Belli never heard of it.. nice find i will showcase it as well..

      Thx for sending. 😉

  6. By satrincha on May 16, 2012

    Hi, thx for added Wreckage. Casus Belli is a multiplayer only BF2 style game.

    I post for the multiplayer of Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, is now F2P :

    Here they talk to download the demo for playing the multiplayer :

  7. By Agrauwin on May 17, 2012

    Diablo like game but browser

  8. By satrincha on May 25, 2012

    Free week-end for Red Orchestra 2 and Civilisation 5 on steam.

  9. By satrincha on May 26, 2012

    You put some free weekend sometimes :

  10. By Agrauwin on August 4, 2012

    Kerbal Space Program: KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program

  11. By Jack on August 15, 2012

    Hey, I’m one of the lead developers on a new online, role-playing strategy game called The Lawless Online! We have just released a funding campaign and it would be great if you could check us out!

    Thank you. Below is one of our press releases

    The Lawless Online is less than a month from completing funding campaign

    The Lawless Online has only a month left to try and raise enough funds to complete development on their free, multiplayer-only Role Playing Strategy game set in the Old West due to be released in Spring 2013.

    The game has generated $3000 of a $9000 target goal with just under a month left to go on IndieGoGo, a crowd-funding website where people contribute small amounts for rewards and one-time only opportunities to get involved with the development from the beginning.

    The team behind The Lawless Online are half way through development on a role-playing strategy game based in the turbulent and violent towns of the Old West, but the final $9000 funding goal is needed in order to complete the web systems, outsourced development and help with initial hosting costs. The team aim to produce a “fun, free and deep Role-Playing Strategy game that will be free from micro-transactions, subscriptions fees and paid DLC and accessible to everyone, for free – forever. “

    The game itself combines elements from classic Role Playing Games like Diablo with the tactical strategy elements from games such as Company of Heroes, using a combination of online character development tools and a downloadable game client. They hope to release the game on their own, free platform accessible to anyone with a PC or Mac to avoid creative restrictions from publishers and external investors.

    The funding campaign is active right now and can be found at, and claim some perks like getting your face in the game!

    LINKS –
    Online version of this Press Release-

    Press Kit-

    Funding Campaign Pitch video-

    Development interviews –


    Development blog-

    IndieGoGo page-

  12. By Dietrich Limper on August 16, 2012

    Giana is Back!
    The Return of a Cult Classic
    Twenty-five years ago, a Mario clone named “The Great Giana Sisters” hit the stores. Nintendo wasn’t happy with this cheeky approach, so the game vanished from the shelves as quickly as it appeared. Despite the rocky start, or perhaps because of it, Giana has maintained a cult following up to this day. Mario’s parents decided to let bygones be bygones and a successful Giana title was released on the Nintendo DS in 2009.
    Black Forest Games (, a games studio from Offenburg in Germany, has breathed new life into Giana’s legacy and needs your support to complete the brand spanking new indie continuation of the cult classic. Project Giana is a twist on the original Great Giana Sisters featuring a dual soundtrack by Giana veteran Chris Hülsbeck and the chiptune metal band Machinae Supremacy. Classic Giana and metal tunes respectively underline the core feature of warping at will between two dream worlds. You can see the game in action now on YouTube ( and download two playable demo levels on Friday, August 24. The download links will be provided on and on the Kickstarter page below.
    Keep your eyes open for updates on and support the game if you like it. At this point in time Black Forest Games has over 2,500 fans backing them for a total of over $60,000. Join in and grab a free copy of the game and exclusive goodies in return!

  13. By caius on October 10, 2012

    Legend of Gods is an addictive, free-to-play, browser-based MMO game which combines both RPG and RTS elements. Build your town, recruit units, fight turn based battles, research improvements and lead your hero and army into

    You start the game by building your town and increasing gold, stone, lumber, food and iron production. You will need stone and lumber for new buildings and iron, food and gold for recruiting a strong army. Research upgrades cost mana and gold and provide access to more advanced units, spectacular buildings as well as speed up your progress.

    Legend of Gods features a turn based battle system, where each move can influence the outcome of the battle.
    The army aids the hero on his quests, while he explores the vast world of Legend of Gods, fights dangerous monsters in order to gain experience, items and gold.
    You can challenge friends and other players to arena battles in order to test new strategies and to gain experience as well as PvP points.


  14. By Cioflica Roxana on October 27, 2012

    The last dawn :Tales of Arthfael”
    The game presents a legendary story of a brave man, it is a quest driven game.

    The main advantages of the game are the following: beautiful art work and chromatics, relaxing story and game play, voice over and music, 3 levels of difficulty, option to choose shapes or words when looking for the hidden objects, player oriented, user friendly and unidirectional as it follows a simple but motivational aim.

    A metaphoric, legendary story: The last dawn: Tales of Arthfael.

    A great kingdom, the Batavian Lands, ruled by powerful King Belenos whose daughter, princess Ephila is the Bions keeper.

    The Bions are the seamless artifacts which control the Sun and the Moon.

    The evil forces controlled by Bucca, Princess of the darkness, steal the magic Bions and kidnap princess Ephila.

    The Kingdom is in great danger and the King is looking for that brave man who can defeat the forces of evil and restore peace to his Kingdom.

    Arthfael, a simple blacksmith but a brave man enrolls in this impossible quest against evil.

    There will be many adventures on the way to save the kingdom and Princess Ephila, enhanced by 3D animations, special effects, voice overs.

    Please take a look at the game trailer and let us know what you think about it

  15. By arc4nis on December 29, 2012

    Arcadia Online is a free to play browser MMORTS set in a medieval/fantasy setting. The entire gameplay is set on a huge 2d world map that can support up to 10,000 players. Cities, armies, navies, everything moves on the map (something like the Civilization series) so the world feels alive.

    Players build cities to expand their influence across the map, they can also conquer enemy cities. PVP is totally unrestricted, and there is no limit who can be attacked. It’s even possible to defeat an opponent by conquering his last city (which can only be done if the opponent is inactive a few days). Players can also band together by forming alliances.

    Cities are used to collect resources (by building resource gathering buildings), train armies and build navies. The resource gathering efficiency of a city also depends on the location where it is built since resources vary from spot to spot. For example cities near mountains have a higher mining efficiency than cities on plains.

    Combat between armies happen where the armies meet on an open field or during a siege. In Arcadia Online combat is also much more than a simple numbers game where the strongest army wins, because formations play a crucial role in the outcome of battles. Players can arrange their units on a grid to counter the enemy formation and get a significant advantage.

    Arcadia Online is a much more hardcore experience in gaming that the other mainstream MMORTS games like Ogame or Travian. Unlike them offers a true unrestricted PVP and a true world map where different locations offer different advantages.

    The game:

    If you want more information about the game you can read the FAQ and take a look at the screenshots:

  16. By satrincha on January 3, 2013

    Actually i am in sweetFx. It’s not a game. It’s refines the graphics of the games,make go away the blur, incredibly sometimes. (not working with openGL games).

    Here is some links :

    SweetFx config :
    Database :
    Tutorial SweetFX :
    Best internet topic :

    As say the guy in the tutorial, it’s like you photoshop your game 🙂

    Hope you’ll like it 🙂

  17. By BTL on February 15, 2013

    Handpicked Free Indie Games you may have missed. All awesome, all free.
    For Windows, Mac and Linux (some! check them out!)

    Cube 2
    Ninja Senki
    Armagetron Advanced
    Lyle in Cube Sector

  18. By Crian on February 20, 2013

    Hello, I am from Crian Soft.
    We decided to give our game KARATE MASTER Knock Down Blow for FREE!!!
    But this is not enough, we upgrade the game to a new version 1.0.6 for the complete list of changes please see the KARATE MASTER KDB homepage!

    Best regards

    Game Title: KARATE MASTER Knock Down Blow
    Publisher: Crian Soft

    KARATE MASTER Knock Down Blow, is an explosive fighting game of full contact karate (kakuto Karate), which will involve you not only in fierce fights, but also in the preparation and training needed for a Karateka to strengthen body and spirit.

  19. By Luis on March 18, 2013

    Before everything you can think and more far away than even far, far away, there exists a land in which a kind of bubbles live. They were called Moflos and this is their game.

    Two things can define these weird creatures:

    – They Love Apples

    – Whenever they get nervous, their color turns purple and everything they touch can not be used anymore. They are untouchables when they are in this color and, in fact, if two Moflos get in touch during this status one of them will die.

    They used to live peacefully bouncing everywhere eating apples. One day, 5 angry clouds appeared over this land and flooded it. Just a few Moflos remained alive, but they do not know how to scape.

    Guide them to the staircase and keep them safe!

    Here you have the link to the official web site

    Thanks so much!!!!

  20. By Chris "Venks" Dunson on April 30, 2013

    Berathen: Spirit Detective is a murder mystery simulation game for PC.
    I’m currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo and am one of the top
    projects in the gaming section.

    In my game it’s up to you to search the crime scene, talk to witnesses, examine the evidence, expose all the lies, and find the one truth. Who is the real murderer?

    The game also boasts lots of optional content in the form of mini-games and puzzles similar in nature to the Professor Layton series. Some of the side quests will grant you access to clues you would not have stumbled upon naturally and make it easier to solve the case.

    Gameplay Video:
    Indiegogo campaign:

  21. By aimee on May 1, 2013

    Cool game worth trying if you like text based games

  22. By BTL on May 3, 2013

    6 free games here.

    Not sure if you have seen them before.


    The Russian Indie Bundle # 1 – a collection of games from Russian developers, which you can download without paying a single ruble . The main objective of the project – to support local indie developers and help them in spreading games.


  23. By friuns on June 9, 2013

    Time Machine Race (TrackMania port)

    Mouse based 3d racing game with flashback feature!

    *use mouse to drive
    *hold right mouse button to use flashback

  24. By WarioPunk on August 13, 2013

    Hey pal, i am WarioPunk from the italian softwarehouse Miciosegone Games

    Here my all 10 games

    A Cat’s Night was the first and the only italian game nominated for the Best Adventure Award in the history of the European Games Award competition and The Path of the Pumpkin is the most massive dubbed game in the history of Adventure Game Studio.

  25. By WarioPunk on August 14, 2013

    Wow, grazie della segnalazione FireSword, non sapevo aveste parlato di A Cat’s Night, allora colgo l’occasione per ringraziarvi ^^

    • Prego. Comunque ho fatto un mirror del gioco, nel caso in cui non fosse cosa gradita fammelo sapere che rimuovo il file subito. Ciao.

  26. By xixgames on August 28, 2013

    I have released 6D , a game for iOS, it is here:

  27. By Ingvar on October 19, 2013

    Original new puzzle game Maniqo Free on the iTunes App Store.

    “You play a level to reach a certain goal position but also to make as few moves as possible in the shortest time, making the highest points.”

    View videos of the game:

    Read all about the game on at the tabs Press and News.

    Check out the website:

  28. By Harold Wells on October 28, 2013

    Here’s a link to an in-browser freebie.
    Point and Click Adventure Game

  29. By Agrauwin on November 14, 2013

    TCG : HKK Online

  30. By Enrico Cempanari on December 6, 2013

    Hi g4g,

    my name is Enrico and i am the producer of Galaxy Wars. It is a deep space, fast paced, multiplayer RTS with a focus on strategy and fleet movement. It offers pure strategy gameplay in furious multiplayer matches.

    Choose between 3 factions, each with its unique playstyle, and lead your ships to conquer the galaxy! To do so you have to move carefully your fleets while trying to conquer planets, stars and systems. Master the use of special weapons, as well as the use of the upgrade system to enhance your attack, defense, production and research.

    Key Features:
    – Online action up to 8 players
    – Offline “skirmish” mode against AI with 3 different difficulty
    – Choose from 3 different factions
    – A deep upgrade system to improve your stats: attack, defense, research and production.
    – 6 unique special weapons

    Release Date: Available!
    Price: completely free to play!
    Platform: PC
    Download: (see the website)

    Best Regards,


  31. By Ibraheem on January 27, 2014

    Game name: PrisonSteam


  32. By Agrauwin on February 11, 2014

    Epic Arena is a turn-based, online multiplayer tactics game, that combines a card, board and tactical game into one epic experience

  33. By Balazs on February 25, 2014

    Orbs of Eternity Free – A Highly Addictive Tactical Game for iOS – is now available on the App Store!

    Capture all “Orbs of Eternity” using smart tactics and precise timing.

    Website: http:/

    Short Game Description
    In Orbs of Eternity, you and your opponents control magic orbs, which store and generate energy. You can transfer energy between orbs by connecting them with beams. Transferring energy can be used to protect your own orbs, attack the opponent’s or occupy inactive ones for extra energy. Your goal is to occupy all of your opponents’ orbs using precise timing and smart tactics.

  34. By Blake Burns on March 3, 2014

    I am Blake Burns and I recently released the alpha for my game: Town of Salem. It is a digital adaption of the party game Mafia (or Werewolf if you’ve played that one) set in the witch trial era in an alternate universe Salem, MA.

    Game Overview:
    – Multiplayer flash game (up to 15 people per game)
    – Free to play
    – Browser based (PC only)
    – No overhead to get in and start playing.

    Check out our short trailer:–xkiBq4k8

    Town of Salem is all about deception and convincing others you aren’t the bad guy. The game is almost done (maybe 85% or so) and we love it. It is all about mind games and understanding the human psyche to get an edge over the other players in the game.

    Check out our website:

    It has been well received by the players in our alpha and we even have a fan made Facebook page that now has over 850 likes. We know we have something great here. Currently we are using Facebook for our login system but we will be making our own after our Kickstarter ends.

    We launched a Kickstarter (31% funded so far with 19 days left).

    Play the game:

    Let me know what you think. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Blake Burns
    BlankMediaGames LLC

    Some more links:

  35. By satrincha on April 28, 2014

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Lost Alpha

    it’s free, its a stand alone game.

  36. By guniball on May 7, 2014

    “The Runes” indie game, inspired by the series “Adventure Time”

    Hello! We’re working on an indie game project, inspired by the series “Adventure Time”, which is called “The Runes”. There’s already a pre-alpha version of it that anyone can try out. We’d much appreciate if you could help us to spread the word about our project.

    “The Runes” is an adventure type of game with elements of RPG, in which we want to create a spirit of adventuring and magic-crafting, where every quest is wove into the legend about the large and open world filled with secrets and mysteries. Where an ordinary-looking tree may be an enter to an underground city, where you can accidentally meet with thugs from Dog’s Mafia. Usually, in games magic is just a kind of range weapon with bright coloured animation and sparkles all around. What we want is to make it be like in books… for example, if your hero is transformed, you can’t just click the button to turn back normal, or wait for some time until the end of effect. U’ll have to find the way to dispel that transformation.

    Greenlight Concept’s
    Download pre-alpha

  37. By Michael Staud on May 12, 2014

    my name is Michael Staud.

    I am the developer of the open sandbox game “StaudSoft’s Synthetic World”.

    You can download the current version 0.1 from IndieDB:

    In this game it is possible to change everything. The world is completely dynamic. In the first versions the goal is to gain resources to build something. In later versions I plan to make a fully RPG out the game.

    A new version 0.2 is in development. This will have the following additional features.
    – Furniture
    – Day and night cycle
    – RPG system (level up, …)
    – Weapons, Monster and yes you can die.
    – Deferred Renderer + really nice water
    – Fire
    – Improved Terrain Generator.
    – Console for Cheats

    I hope you enjoy the free version.

  38. By Agrauwin on May 25, 2014

    beautiful browser RPG!!!

  39. By Aaron Taecker-Wyss on July 8, 2014

    Sumo Smashdown: a free head-to-head competitive 2-player game from one of the developers of Foiled (IGF 2014 Best Student Game Finalist). Like some strange mixture of Lisa Frank rainbow happiness-regurgitate and a cynical twenty-something’s disillusioned angst. Also it’s funny (!!!). Out now, Windows/Mac/Linux. DL link here:

  40. By savannah on July 18, 2014

    Sentinel Heroes, formerly known as Duty of Sentinel, is a role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about the Epic War between Sentinel and Scourge.
    Join the game here:

  41. By Adam "The Face" Maglio on July 26, 2014

    My name is Adam and I’m the Brand Manager at Henchmen Interactive. We’re a small developer with a few mobile game veterans and have just launched our first Android title, Pop Bugs.

    Pop Bugs is an original free-to-play casual puzzle game and is available now on the Google Play store. Pop Bugs is a free-to-play game, but we focused on making it fun before making it free. We founded our company on the principle of making fun games—like, really fun games—and are committed to creating top quality content for everyone to enjoy. We believe that players should not be at a disadvantage for not paying while playing. Our monetization methodology takes this into account, and aims to generate a passionate player base with engaging, fun, high-quality products.

    To give you an idea of the gameplay, you tap to pop bugs with unique abilities that shoot stingers, explode, punch, and more as you play your way through a series of levels and worlds. There are new bugs introduced with each new world and several level types. We also have an online competitive mode called Swarm where players can compete on the leaderboards and earn rewards.

    – Easy to play, fun to master
    – 3 unique worlds with 25 levels each (with more on the way)
    – Over a dozen bugs each with unique abilities and tons of upgrades (with more on the way)
    – Super-replayable Swarm mode, featuring your own bug team and leaderboards
    – Helpful tips, cute & unique art-style, and bugs with character

    Pop Bugs game trailer:

    Download link for Pop Bugs from the Google Play store:

    Game website:

    We worked with Sony to bring Pop Bugs Zap, a standalone title, to PlayStation®Mobile. Pop Bugs Zap has been well received (currently an average rating of 4.5/5 with over 100 user ratings). We’re bringing Pop Bugs to iOS this summer and both versions will feature the regular introduction of new bugs, levels, and game modes.

  42. By Petr Marek on August 2, 2014

    I am Petr Marek, member of Czech indie game studio Peord games. We just finished our game Welcome to Ataria.

    Welcome to Ataria is freeware 2D action storytelling game, which story is inspired by Arab Spring. Its visual is influenced by early GTA games. Game shows to player whole course of the revolution, set in fictional Arab state Ataria. Action parts are one half of game. Story driven parts are the second half. Game has complete Czech voice acting.

    There are three main characters in game, who see revolution form different points of view. First is Agent Hall, western spy who starts revolution. Soldier Fared El-Hasem, who is loyal to leader of country, fights against rebels. And last character is civilian Darzi. He tries to protect his family and help others.

    Gameplay is like this: In first missions you secretly contact influential persons and make deals with them. Than you experience firsts demonstrations and disorder as civilian. For example you save injured people after bombing of city. You also fight, defend and conquer strategical points as soldier. All parts of game are strongly connected to story.


    Main features:
    Story inspired by Arab Spring
    Three main heroes with different role in revolution
    Action and story driven gameplay
    “Codex” informing about game world
    Complete Czech voice acting

    Press kit:
    Release date: 4 August 2014
    Platform: PC
    Price: Free
    Available through:

    Game was created for Czech indie game competition “Otevřte oči hrou” (

    I would like to ask you, if you can write article about our game and support us.
    In case you have any question don’t hesitate to ask.

    Petr Marek
    Peord games

  43. By Pinodrom Studios on August 7, 2014

    Welcome to Papadero Creek, a town full of thiefs, bastards and corrupts. You will embody Panchito Chepas in order to trick and steal from all of them. Are your scoundrel skills sharp enough?

    There is a crowdfunding campaign currently at Indiegogo, and gold is needed for the game to be made. A DEMO of the game is available to be downloaded and tasted in the crowdfunding campaign, so we highly suggest that you check it out!

    The game tells the story of a once thriving town which has run out of gold now. The despotic ruler of the town will hire a bridge builder to make a way to a new gold mine. Unfortunately for him, this bridge builder’s identity has been stolen by a seemingly innocent guy called Panchito Chepas, which means all that precious gold will be in real danger.

    Steal, cheat, be a scumbag! Those are the premises of the game. We focused on the puzzles and the dialogs with the intention of celebrating the Point and Click genre we deeply admire. The graphic style resembles the old european comic book tradition, as we would like the game to be felt like a living comic book.

    As our crowdfunding “Pledges” represent different animals, I would like to mention that we are building our particular Noe’s arch, which will be filled with the purchased animals in the form of a poster in case the campaign succeeds.

    Thanks for your attention and a long life to the Point and Click!

    Pinodrom Studios

  44. By Aimia on October 8, 2014


    I have just finished my next flash game – Lederoid. For this game I used minimalist pixelart style. You can play 36 levels, reach some bonuses, different types of block etc. Game is designed for casual playing – the levels are fast to play…

    This game not requires Stage3D wmode support. Feel free to submit Lederoid on your website.

    Link(with game to download):


  45. By Ignis on October 22, 2014

    We’d love for anyone to have a look out the game that we’ve created over the past year. The release date is 23rd of October, 2014.

    Ignis Uprising has been designed and created over the past year by seven third year university students at the Queensland University of Technology as part of a final year games project program.

    Ignis Uprising; A new fiery shoot-em-up that combines the magic of dragons and the fast paced action of third person shooters!

    Free download available now at:

    Brisbane, Australia – 23/10/2014 – Ignis Uprising is a multiplayer, third person, dragon shooter that matches players up against one another with devastating weapons and abilities. Play as one of two mechanized dragons, attach your weapons of choice, destroy your opponents in Dragon versus Dragon battles and fly onwards to victory!
    Play as a mechanized dragon built by a dwarven race, trying to regain control of their land from elves and humans.

    2v2 multiplayer action! Play as the dwarves or the renegades; compete to hold points and take back what’s rightfully yours!
    Compete in a capture the point style game mode
    Two mechanical dragons: The slippery ‘Snagon’, or ‘The One’ each have a different set of stats fitting unique roles
    Five weapons to choose from – Fireball, Tesla Cannons, Lasers, Miniguns and Missile launchers are all at your disposal!
    Transform into a ball, because why not? Dragons also have a unique ability to roll up into a ball, cause havoc to structures and speed about the maps within a shielded sphere.

    Launch Trailer:

    Gameplay Footage:


    Thanks everyone!

  46. By Roddy MacSween on November 4, 2014

    KnossOS is a short free text-based psychological horror game featuring a Unix-like OS, retro modem sound effects, and blurring of lines between player and character.


  47. By Nick Hall on December 16, 2014

    Woohoo… Kong is back and it’s time to get wet!
    Yep, join in the 3D fun & madness as you help Kong look cool as mustard by diving from a hot air balloon into an exotic jungle pool.
    Make sure he lands straight, but more importantly, make him look super cool by spinning, doing tricks… and for the dive masters, knock out some fab combos.
    Two successful dives lets you go higher, giving your more time for tricks.
    Completely kid-safe, with no in-app purchases.
    So come on, get your feet wet, join in the madness and have some FUN FUN FUN!!!
    We are bonkers, but live to help create fun for others, so we really, really hope you enjoy our little bit of madness.

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