Dark Acre’s Project Zero One

Above and Below is a browser-based video game built in Unity 3D, is the debut release from solo independent game-maker Christopher ‘Jack’ Nilssen.

In Above and Below, the player controls a tiny person that can jump up to the harrowing heights and fall down into the deadly depths of the game world, collecting valuable treasures, avoiding mindless minions, and defeating terrible guardians. A casual platformer, the full experience can be had in under thirty minutes and is available completely free from the developer’s website.

Above and Below is the result of eight weeks of intensive full-time work. It is delivered via the Unity 3D game engine to browsers, and represents the first in a series of free-to-play efforts from Jack’s Dark Acre.


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DFA – Death from Above

Your homeland has been invaded by a aggressive neighboring Military dictatorship, Returning from a scheduled sea exercise your fleet group arrives too late to stem the attack. As one of the few remaining homeland guard pilots, you must drive the enemy out of our country and reclaim the land for your people!

Pilot your trusty Bi Plane into combat as you engage aerial targets in deadly dogfights, and provide ground support bombing against enemy artillery and tanks to help your ground forces! Make sure to land safely at the end of each sortie to refuel and rearm. From your base deploy armor units out to engage and reclaim your cities and bases.


Download DFA


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