Organ Trail and Oregon Trail

Organ Trail was an edutainment game developed in 1971. Schools across America used this game as a teaching tool to prepare children for the impending zombie apocolypse and dysentery. It parodies the old edutainment game The Oregon Trail (1974).


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Phone Story The Game That Apple Doesn’t Want You To Play

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In my opinion they could have made a better impression if they didn t remove the game and stated that this is not a perfect world, we are aware that this bad things happens and that we will try to put an end to this. At this point their phone is largerly diffused and well known.. increase the damn price and print on the box this shit cost 50 bucks more so we can spare workers from slavery condition.

Phone Story is a game for smartphone devices that attempts to provoke a critical reflection on its own technological platform. Under the shiny surface of our electronic gadgets, behind its polished interface, hides the product of a troubling supply chain that stretches across the globe. Phone Story represents this process with four educational games that make the player symbolically complicit in coltan extraction in Congo, outsourced labor in China, e-waste in Pakistan and gadget consumerism in the West.

Keep Phone Story on your device as a reminder of your impact. All of the revenues raised go directly to workers’ organizations and other non-profits that are working to stop the horrors represented in the game.


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Audi A1 Beat Driver

Audi A1 Beat Driver is a rhythm based driving game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad delivering free new music from some of the best up and coming rock bands around the world including La Roux, The Rakes, Lo-Fi-Fnk and Torpedo. In total there are 9 fantastic FREE music tracks to choose from and enjoy. Audi A1 Beat Driver is also available as a single track Lite version, for over-the-air download.

In the game you steer your Audi A1 to collect the markers and avoid the hazards as you speed through a kaleidoscopic 3D world of sound and colour. Increase your score by collecting the bonus icons and don’t forget to clear your multiplier gauge (which builds up as you collect more points) to boost your multipliers and achieve the highest score possible.

The app comes with a host of exciting features: get your name on the global Audi A1 Beat Driver leader board; challenge other players high-scores; post your scores to Facebook & Twitter and choose to find out more about the stunning new Audi A1 – The next big Audi.


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Time to save the forest..

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As you know Apple launched I-Pad and Google plan to launch a similar “toy”..
The best application i see about this things is reading.. and of course preventing tree cut for paper.

Here is a short list of things i think of:

-reading comics
-reading books
Replace paper school books with this.
-Draw and paint (it ‘s possilbe?)

I read that with this thing u can also surf the web.. well the price is insane right now, at least for my standard but i see great potential in the future.. For sure planet forests will great benefict from this.


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12 days of iTunes free downloads

An italian online newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ offers 12 days of free downloads..
For non-italians click where it says scarica gratis
Music, apps, video, it kicks off with a foo fighter song.


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