AlcapaGames Unicorrida and Beneath

Two nice flashgames from AlcapaGames Studio.


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Shattered World: Beneath A Stone Sky

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A world made of floating continents, divided not only by distance, but by the minds of men. Set out on a quest to unify… or destroy. Wipe out your enemies with combo attacks or convert them to join your side. Over 30 playable classes to combine your party from, and lots of room to customize them using Essence – skill-bestowing badges you can permanently absorb.


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GOG.com offers Beneath a Steel Sky and Lure of Tempress

GOG.com offers Beneath a Steel Sky and Lure of Tempress.

Both are point-and-click adventure games by Revolution Software. Beneath a Steel Sky places you in the shoes of Robert Foster, the sole survivor of a plane crash in cyberpunk Australia’s Outback. Raised in the wasteland, you were forcibly “reintegrated” into the city. Now your plan is to get out. Lure of the Temptress is set in a fantasy world, where you become a peasant named Diermot. After an attempt to bring order to a rebellious town goes wrong, you’re flung from your mount and wake up in a dungeon. It is your duty to escape and rid the town of its evil enchantress and her minions.

To download you must register with gog.com

This games are freeware by many years, the gog versions add the full support for windows xp-vista without the need to use DosBox or ScummVM. Beneath a Steel Sky comes with some goodies like wallpapers and a comic book.

Download from g4g.it:

Lure of Tempress (english, german, french and italian)

Beneath a Steel Sky v1.3 floppy

Beneath a Steel Sky v1.2 CD

Download from gog.com:

Lure of Tempress (english)

Beneath a Steel Sky (english CD version)

Some considerations: Gog Lure version is english only, both version runs on windows xp and vista without the use of emulators, only negative point is that you have to register. The Lure g4g version have 4 languages: italian, english, german and french. The g4g versions requires emulators like DosBox or ScummVM, which can be hard to use for newbie user, but.. using the emulators this 2 games can be run on mac os x and on linux rather than only the windows platform. Choose the version which better suite your needs. Oh and happy gaming 😉

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