Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at 12 bucks

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This weekend cod 4 is sold for 12 bucks..


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Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing

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Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (A Fans made movie)

An unofficial tribute to Call of Duty.


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Call of Duty Modern WarFare 2 Free WeekEnd

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This weekend Steam offers the full multiplayer part of the game for free starting Thursday at 4 PM PDT.
That (should be) is Friday 01:00 GMT +1 for Europeans.


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Modern WarFare 2 breaks Record

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Biggest selling video game in history? So It seems..
Let’s make things clear, this game is identical in all three version (PC,X360,PS3) which means on PC no dedicated servers, and online matchmaking restricted to 9 vs 9.
This is not the best game ever made, but if you like FPS it is one of the most enjoyable, i think details are amazing, as you can see in the screenshot, there is the c-130 chaff and flare ‘Angel’ (a real class touch in my opinion) or in the screenshot of the gunfight you can see so many details one doesn’t even notice during the fury of the fight, but they are still there.. The single-player is short, multiplayer is identical to console (limited from a pc-gamer point of view), the russian version of the game does not include a controversial scene that allowed the player to shoot at innocent civilians in a Moscow airport.
Did i buy this game? no, but just beacouse i feel it is overpriced and the way is made now multiplayer part of the game is not attracting me. In my opinion this game started and was designed for console (xbox,ps3) and pc version is just a straight port, obviously the PC Gaming is not dead but outside the World of WarCraft i don’t see a lot of freshness..

Some of you remeber the name of one of CoD 4 characters? Coz i can’t.. While i am pretty sure most of you knows who is Snake.


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Modern WarFare 2 video look up

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Wow finally seems that cod franchise is evolving, i have great expectations for Battlefield 3 of Dice, but this mw2 seems promising too…

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Call of Duty: World at War PC Multiplayer Client BETA

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The Multiplayer Betas for Xbox 360™ and the PC are live! In order to participate, you will need to sign up as a CallofDuty.com member. Xbox 360™ gamers in the U.S. can also pre-order Call of Duty: World at War at any GameStop retail location or online at gamestop.com (while supplies last) to get your beta code.


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Combat Arms (mmo-fps)

Combat Arms is a nice mmo-fps.
-Character customization
-Modfiable weapons
-Clan System
-Evolving game with updates
-Free to play


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