Doom Warrior

Doom Warrior is a barbaric gladiator combat MMORPG, now in Open Beta for PC, Linux and Mac!


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DoomRL (Doom roguelike)

DoomRL (Doom, the Roguelike) is a fast and furious coffee-break Roguelike game, that is heavily inspired by the popular FPS game Doom by ID Software.


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The Dark Mod

UPDATE:There is a new version of the game, visit the official site.

THE DARK MOD 2.0 is a free, first-person stealth game inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. It recreates the essence of the original Thief games on a more modern engine. Both a game and a mission-creation platform, The Dark Mod allows players and mappers alike to enjoy missions in a gothic steampunk universe.

The Dark Mod was officially released on October 17th, 2009. As of October, 2013, TDM 2.0 is now completely standalone, and no longer requires Doom3.


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DOS FPS Gamepack

This is a collection of old classic DOS FPS games. These are the shareware versions and need an emulator like DosBox to run.


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id Software Source Codes 28-11-2012

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Recently id Software released the source code for Doom 3:BFG edition, thought it was a good thing to make a mirror of their source codes.


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The Doom 3 Source Code

The source code for Doom 3 has been released.


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GameMaker 8.0

Do you want to develop computer games without spending countless hours learning how to become a programmer?

Game Maker allows you to make exciting computer games, without the need to write a single line of code. Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions, you can create professional looking games within very little time. You can make games with:

* Backgrounds, Sprites and Images
* Animated Graphics
* Basic sound functions, Special effects, 3D music, CD music
* Even 3d games!

And when you’ve become more experienced, there is a built-in programming language which gives you the full flexibility of creating games with Game Maker.

The Lite Edition is meant for those taking their first steps on the path of developing games. It can be used for free but is limited in its functionality. When you are using Game Maker regularly you are strongly recommended to upgrade it to the Pro Edition for $ 25.

Download GameMaker 8.0 from G4G
Link to Official GameMaker Site

Currently i lack the Time, but some time ago i made a couple of demo-games and it was really funny..

If you want you can check my 2 games made with GameMaker 6.1..

Download Doom-a-Man

Download Chou Chou Breeder

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A real WormHole

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On December 9th 2009, on the skies of NorWay a strange thing appeared, that thing looks like a ‘Gateway’ or a ‘WormHole’ as seen in many sci-fi fictions.. Wonder what is it? Here is a possible list:

1. Fake
2. WormHole
3. A cloacked ship entering hyperspace
4. Fireworks
5. Natural Phenomenon
6. Mysticism (something religious)
7. Russian Rocket (exploded)
8. Some kind of (human) Experiment
9. Time Travel or Multiverse

And you what do you think it is?


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Cargo Bridge and others

A nice Bridge Building game.

Click here to PLAY

Other Bridge Games:

Bridging the gap 2

Bridge Construction SET (Macintosh Demo)

Bridge Builder Game

Other Flashgames:



Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943

Willy Mountain Party (Jet Set Willy Remake!)

Doom, Heretic Hexen (ShareWare)

Adventures in Atria 2

and much more if you want check them out HERE

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Doom Fall of Mars v010a (beta)

Doom meets Diablo.



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