Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted (partially free)

Unlimited Demo Account for Human Character or 14 day trial!

Developed by Virtrium, the MMORPG Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted immerses players in an online fantasy world of magic and mystery. Istaria is a land populated by monsters, magic, heroes, and colossal cities. Istaria is the only fantasy MMORPG to offer gamers the opportunity to play as a dragon, earning skills and abilities as they grow from a hatchling to adult.



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Empire: Total War Demo on Steam

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The Empire: Total War demo will take you through the basics of land and naval command and then let you loose on two historic scenarios. As one of the greatest British development studios, The Creative Assembly invites you to try Empire: Total War from the position of their “home” side! Playing as the British Empire, you’ll take on the American Army in the pivotal “Battle of Brandywine Creek” and then the French Navy in the decisive “Battle of Lagos.”



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Empire of Sports (sports-mmo)

Empire of Sports is an online multi sports MMOG. The game offers the ability to play as an athlete in a fictional world where only the worlds of sports are of interest. Your character will need training and practice to succeed in specific sports, at the beginning he will be generally healthy but not very skilled in any sport. The more practice your character receives, the higher the achievements he can reach in different areas of sports, depending on his abilities. There are no fixed classes in Empire of Sports, depending on how different muscle areas are trained and how much experience you have in different sports, your characters performance may vary. The goal of the game is to become a star and maybe even dominate the sports world with your club.

The game is free to download and has no subscription fee.



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Lately a lot of FPS have sold good, but what about the rts genre? Here is some good example of what is coming out or already out. What can i say about this? Dow2 at first glance looks like a company of heroes mod, which is good, i think it will be a nice game to waste time in multiplayer online, Red Alert 3 has only the name of Red Alert, the package is great if u are 12 years old. I don ‘t think i ‘ll play halo wars, i mean u must be masochistic to play an rts with a joypad on a console, the last empire total war, i was always a great fan of the series since Shogun total war came out, gunpowder and Sea Battles will sure adds some spice to the game… And you? Do you know of some good RTS out there?

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Rise and Fall Civilizations at War

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In Rise & Fall, players assume the role of one of history’s greatest heroes and build a civilization from the ground up. Amass enough glory, and Rise & Fall lets the player fight alongside his troops in Hero Command Mode, laying waste to carefully prepared enemy plans, formations and fortifications with an almost supernatural combination of leadership and martial skill.

-Multiplayer (1-8)

Link to Author Site

Download Rise and Fall:

Midway’s Rise and Fall Civilizations at War is now available to download and play for FREE as an ad supported game. This is a full version with no time expiration sponsored by the US Air Force.


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PLAY by Mail – Medieval WarLords, Dragon Lords, Napoleonic Empires and Shogunate

The following are pbem (play by email) online strategy games. Please note i have excluded from this list Age of Conquest cause i found a virus on the game page, but the others games seems fine.


A Play-by-Email Game of Kings and Conquest

Welcome to the Middle Ages, when mighty Kings ruled by fire and sword. The current scenario available is Medieval Diplomacy II, which is a strategic-level wargame, where players rule historical kingdoms, leading their armies of armored warriors. To stay on your throne, you will need to use well-planned tactics, clever scheming, and ruthless determination.

Medieval Warlords (play by email)


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