World of Fishing (Europe)

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World of Fishing will soon launch in Europe! World of Fishing is a unique mix of a realistic fishing simulation – focused on big game fishing – and a full 3D MMOG that boosts RPG-style character development, guilds, tournaments and so on!


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dtp Entertainment FreeGames

dtp Entertainment offers three nice free to play games: Mission Genesis, The Big Catch and Mech Tactics. This games are in germans language. No idea if there are english versions..


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Grand Mer Trailer

GRAND MER is an online Saltwater Fishing game that invites players to experience the excitement of struggling with and catching enormous fish, some of which can reach over 26 feet in length!


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PlayFish Games (Facebook)

Play free social games with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, iGoogle, iPhone, Android and more. Play Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story, Word Challenge, Geo Challenge, Who Has the Biggest Brain, Bowling Buddies, Mini Golf Party and Quiztastic..


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Faunasphere (browser)

Faunasphere is a browser-based CMO (Casual Multiplayer Online) game, players adopt and care for cute and quirky creatures known as Fauna and collaborate to build and explore beautiful virtual worlds. From the creator and lead designer of Asheron’s Call, Faunasphere engages a broad casual gamer audience through non-violent game play, rich social networking elements, and an immersive storyline. The game is free to play, and features micro-transactions and premium membership to enhance the game play experience.


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Guild Wars 2 fisrt ingame screenshot!

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The second chaper of Guild wars has been delayed, but we managed to grab a screenshot of the in-gameplay, this game is not only incredibly good looking, it’s massive! So go see this exclusive screenshot and remember you first saw it here , in this website!

Click here to see the screenshot

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