Floating Point

From the same author of GunPoint. Floating Point is a free, peaceful game about using a grappling hook to swing yourself gracefully through randomly generated spaces. In the air, you’re fighting gravity. When you splash down beneath the water, you’re fighting your own buoyancy to swing yourself further into the depths. For Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises)

Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises) is Sergey Mohov’s video game student project. The game was originally created for Game à Niaque, a French game competition, but the developer kept developing the game. For windows (32-64bit), Mac and Linux (Universal)


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Barely Floating

Somewhere along the east coast of Africa, pirates have attacked a luxury yacht! They have taken a few seemingly wealthy passengers as their hostages, a family and an old man, hoping to collect a hefty ransom for each of them. When the hostage negotiations go awry, the rescue duties land on the weak shoulders of an unlikely hero. Little does he know that the ship’s crew, that stands in his way, is composed of some very weird and silly individuals.


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Glide trought a paradise of floating islands… SkyLands is a free platforming/Gliding game made from scratch in 1 year by 5 students of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) form Barcelona.


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A Nation of Wind

A Nation of Wind is an RTS/Arena Shooter hybrid. Set in an atmosphere dotted by floating islands, your objective is to colonize and explore the sky surrounding your nations capital. Collect resources and activate Ancient Obelisks to progress; All the while protecting your settlements from monsters using your powerful Airship. Every region is procedurally generated, giving the player new and unique challenges to overcome. Completing an area rewards experience which can be used to purchase upgrades to the various Airship systems, or can be used to upgrade the colony units. Exploring further away from the capital will grant the player greater rewards, and difficulty!


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