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Game Downloader is a portable and open source download client, which interacts with a server side library for downloading numerous (freeware) games. With the help of this utility, you can download more than 200 games, by simply selecting a game category then selecting any game from the available list.


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Freegames to be released

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Here is a short list of Freegames to be released…


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Unity awards and Free games!

The Unity Awards exist to honor the best content being created with Unity. Winners in eight categories will be announced at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Unite 2012 on Thursday, August 23rd. Here is a list of freegames made with Unity for Android, Iphone and Windows.


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War of 2012

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War of 2012 is a free online browser-based simulation game where you create a city, forge your army, cultivate heroes to conquer land and become the most noble Lord.


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CLONK Endeavour

Clonk Endeavour is the sequel to Clonk Planet and predecessor to the newer Clonk Rage in the series of 2D Clonk games. Clonk Endeavour was the first Clonk game to use a 32 bit graphics system based on Direct3D and OpenGL for enhanced quality and lots of new visual effects. The game was translated to nine different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian. All language packs are included in the download.

-all graphics in 32 bit
-hectic game play and loads of fun with hardy Clonks in huge worlds
-tons of objects and scenarios with different climate and weather conditions
-industrious settlement and building or intense battles using all available weapons and tactics
-dynamic landscape generator
-up to four players on one computer
-yet more players via local networks (internet play no longer supported)
-keyboard, mouse, or gamepad control
-language support: 9 different languages
-unlimited editing capabilities through the integrated developer mode
-extremely powerful scripting language


Watch a video of Clonk Endeavour

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Platinum Arts Sandbox beta 2.1

Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.1 has been released!  For those who don’t know, it is a game design tool that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in game, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to use. In addition it now features cart mode where players can create their own race courses and drive on it with an ogre riding his hovercart! Also, it now features updated particle menus where players can easily create their own particle effects. Platinum Arts Sandbox is a great world/level creation tool for all levels of developers and ages!

Download: WindowsLinux(multiplatform)


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Last of the Patriots v1.40


LOTP is an army shooting game set in a galactic universe where the corporation sets the rules. Follow drunk ex-war hero Zeke Johnson as he rejoins the corps for one last deadly mission into the pits of hell itself.

UPDATE: There is  a new version LINK


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Many freegames have been announced in the last years, a lot of them are far from being finished and maybe will never be released, but you know consindering that Hurrican was released after a century u’ll never know.. XD

So here is the list of not yet released:

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (demo)

Indiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon (demo)


Star Tripper:Episode 1

The Forgotten Element


0 A.D

Rise of the Hidden Sun (This should be 5 years old)

Duke Nukem Forever (10 years – It’s not freeware but this is a record)

Bonus: During this years the Foy team released some good flash animations of their game: 12345

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Universal Combat brings you seamless battles of epic proportions through air, land, sea and space! Experience more than 250 planets, containing more than 21,000 areas of interest, 12 playable races and more than 500 combat units. This game is massive in every sense of the word!

Note:This is the february 2004 game, single player only, fewer music tracks(you can add your own mp3) and no multiplayer.


Watch a Video

If you want you can check BattleCruiser Millenium too…

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Winter’s Heart v1.2


Take on the role of the King’s Astrologer as he battle’s against an unnatural winter that threatens his home land.


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