Tian Long Ba Bu (Dragon Oath)

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TLBB is an in-house developed free MMORPG adapted from the popular Chinese novel named “Tian Long Ba Bu” by Jin Yong. TLBB provides a variety of exciting quests and in-game activities for game players to develop a personalized experience and foster virtual social relationships, which appeal to game players with diverse interests. Game players choose from nine classes of team-based identities with distinct skill sets and quests, and have the ability to engage in numerous virtual social activities, such as making friends, getting married, learning skills or completing other quests.


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Martial Empires

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Become a hero in the world of Martial Empires

Are you prepared for the exploration of the once separated continent Neha? Ready to meet its people and to expose its secrets? Take action and fight for the freedom of this mystic continent. Decide between three different classes. Take revenge for the murder of your mother as a ranger. Prevent the destruction of Neha as a mighty mage or participate in the troops of the imperator on their secret mission as a warrior.

Learn new skills and develop your abilities in the handling of numerous weapons and enter the war with your guild. Meet the challenge of captivating PVP-Battles or relax with one of many minigames.

Became master of fighting and a honorable hero in the world of Martial Empires!

This seems similar to Project S.


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Kung Foo

Foo is the ultimate martial arts mash-up mastered by sand ninjas worldwide. Start your journey toward mastery in Panda Province, where you’ll unite troubled realms, save a beautiful princess and escort fluffy bunnies to the great beyond. Whether you’re tanking, healing, casting, or stabbing, Foo is free and there’s enough for everyone.

Kung Foo! is a fun MMO that parodies everything from Kung-Fu movies to game shows. Embrace the foo in you.

Link to Kung Foo


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Kung Fu 2 (remake)

Kung Fu 2 is a sequel to the NES version of Kung Fu. Kung Fu was originally created by Irem Corporation in 1984.

Kung Fu 2’s goal was to take the NES version, and make a sequel with revamped graphics, refined game-play, new areas to fight in, and new twists in the plot.

The game has nine playable stages, unlockable secret characters, and an online high score submission feature.

Download Kung Fu 2


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Dragon Sky

Dragon Sky is a modern, fast-paced action game with a ton of features including crafting, bounty hunting, massive PvP battles, guild rivalries, and more. Be immersed in a fantastic world with some of the most beautiful environments seen in an MMO as you adventure through an evolving storyline.



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Kung Faux Saga

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(Kung Faux Ill Master part 1)

Kung Faux Ill Master part 2
Kung Faux Ill Master part 3

Other episodes.. click here

Kung Faux is a comedy television series that remixes classic kung fu movies with popular music, comic book style editing and video game style special effects, and new voice-over dubbing from primarily hip hop personalities.

BONUS MOVIE: The 4 Shaolin Challengers

Kung Faux Official Site

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