Sugar Rush (Full Sail University)

Sugar Rush is a moderately paced third person action adventure game that takes place in Sweetopia. As the hero, the player journeys through the Sweet Forest, Candy Town, and the Gumdrop Meadows to liberate these areas from the diabolical dentist and their army of vegetables that have taken over. As you vanquish enemies, you reclaim the sugar stolen from the land. As enemies attack you, you lose health, which can be restored by eating part of your weapon. As you eat the weapon, it loses strength which is restored by collecting dropped sugar from defeated enemies. Successful attack on your enemies builds your Sugar Rush meter and when full you can (which when activated) increase speed and power for a short time.


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Shipwrecked is a first person shooter where you’re stranded on an uncharted island inhabited by vicious dinosaurs, giant spiders, and the native tribesmen. In order to escape the island, you must explore through the island to find parts to repair your boat and leave the island.


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BattleField 4 Announce trailer

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Battlefield 4 will release Fall 2013. The “Fishing in Baku” video is shot entirely in-game and is the first glimpse of the single player campaign in Battlefield 4.

My thoughts: So that’s it? How will be the new Battlefield? Just as the old with a new campaing and enviroment (tropical or no new enviroment at all..)?

There are no informations about the game so some of the questions are:

-Will it have 128 or more multiplayer battles?
-Wil there be mod tools?
-Any new vehicles?
-Attack to the Zombie Fortress with tanks, helicopters and a-10? 😆

Also i wish them to sell a lot, but keep in mind that if EA planning to sell all those miserable map packs like they did in Bf3 i won’t buy this or will buy only when the game is priced five bucks.. 😆

Here is the 17 minutes long trailer, featuring one chapter of the campaign gameplay..


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One Night Trilogy

One Night Trilogy is a series of games in Dark Gaia’s RPG Maker VX made survival horror series.


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Command & Conquer HTML5 v0.4 released

New levels, units, sounds and explosions!

Command and Conquer HTML5 is a recreation of the original Command and Conquer series entirely in HTML5 and Javascript.


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Command & Conquer Game in HTML5

Command and Conquer HTML5 is a recreation of the original Command and Conquer series entirely in HTML5 and Javascript.


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Full Metal Soccer (demo)

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Full Metal Soccer is a fast-paced multiplayer game in which two tank soccer teams battle each other. The game is set inside a futuristic arena in the distant future. Each player controls his own tank from first-person-perspective and tries to achieve the primary target of every soccer game: shoot more goals than the opposing team. The player has some special weapons and skills at hand that help him to control the ball and fight his opponents.


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I made a new archive for this site, now it’s much more easy (imo) to browse through hundreds of free games, you can access the new archive by clicking in the upper menu of the site or by clicking here

That’s it..
4 years of g4g.it and thousands of free games in just 18 pages! Coming soon in the next days or week the browsing per category.
NOTE for Internet Explorer Users: It works under IE 8, but the archive is best viewed with other browsers.. 😆
It works perfectly on FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

Any suggestions, criticism, and feedback is always welcome.
Hope you like the new archive. Cya.

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm Free Full Game

Electronic Arts has released for free both Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm. This is version patch 2.03 of Tiberian Sun and a direct copy from Command & Conquer The First Decade.


Set in the early 21st century, Tiberian Sun once again pits the Global Defense Initiative against the Brotherhood of Nod in a struggle for control of the planet. With an epic storyline that unfolds as play progresses, players learn the reasons behind the worldwide outbreak of Tiberium and what happened to the notorious Nod leader Kane, who was presumed dead at the end of the first Command & Conquer.


It’s time to head up the Firestorm task force. Nod’s experiments have unknowingly released a horde of cybernetic nightmares upon the world. As GDI and Nod scramble to save themselves, they realize their only salvation lies in the unthinkable.


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List of Commercial Games gone Free

(games cover are randomly placed)

A small list (and incomplete) of commercial games gone freeware and published here on g4g.it during the course of some years..

Download Hidden and Dangerous
Download S.W.I.N.E
Download GTA 1 and GTA 2
Download Command and Conquer 95
Download Command and Conquer Red Alert
Download Enemy Nation
Download Ground Control
Download Ultimate Baja Madness (ad-supported)
Download FEAR COMBAT (multiplayer only)
Download America’s Army 3 (commercial quality)
Download Download PSI-Ops (ad-supported)
Play Quake 3
Play BattleField Heroes
Download TrackMania Nations Forever (multiplayer only)
Download Battle Cruiser Millenium

The following are ad-supported (US Airforce) :
Download Area 51
Download Rise and Fall civilizations at war
Download Full Spectrum Warrior
Download The Suffering

I left out of this list, classic games (except first 2 gta) which requires emulator to run and forgot or decided not to include a bunch more of ex-commercial games gone freeware. AA3, BF Heroes, FEAR Combat and TM Nations were included beacouse of their high quality (commercial) level. Hope you have fun with this shits games. 🙂

Some of this game is buyable, for people who hates Adware or ads in their games.
If you wonder how looks like this ads in the game here is an example video of Area 51 sponsored by US Air Force.


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