Hell Gates Open Today

Well we should say re-open, since the previous running owners shutted it down some years ago. So it is in open beta and every knight can go to hell to hack and slash those demons.


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All your Closed Beta are belong to Us

HellGate is back, Elements of War starts the cb and Bounty Hounds as well.

Here the links and details:

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Just short news…

Added Space War Commander v1.01 (Demo) in the archive.

A new version of Masters of Belial coming soon.

Petition to revive HellGate:London – link
(In my opinion the only way this game could have worked, should have been buy 1 time, play free multiplayer)

Sony’s Free Realms Launched.

MLB Dugout Heroes Launches in North America.

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Hellgate: London Demo (single-player)

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Hellgate: London Demo (single-player)

Choose from two of Hellgate: London’s six characters as players carve their way through zombies of all shapes around the street and tunnels near Holborn Station and on their way to Covent Garden.


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