Dong Dong Never Die New version!

Here is a “new” version of Dong Dong Never Die…


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Offensive Combat

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Offensive Combat is a free-to-play, browser-based first-person shooter. Interests include stabbing trolls in the neck with wooden swords, shooting asshats in the face with a variety of ballistic and plasma-based weapons, and pwning the hell out of anyone who falls before us with a variety of silly little dances. Lizard men in Hawaiian shirts and robots disguised as bananas!


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Dong Dong Never Die

Dong Dong Never Die is a free PC FTG game. It has been programing and producing from 2006 Oct till 2009 Aug. It takes 3 years of spare time. This game was produced by a group of game fans in china, the developing software is 2DFM(a software from Japan in 2001). It was dubed in Chinese (mandarin and several dialects), and was made of Chinese captions.There are 36 scenes , 24 optional characters and 15 characters that are not optional. It gathered 18,000 photos during the producing of the game, but about 10,000 photos were adopted in the game.


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Kung Faux Saga

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(Kung Faux Ill Master part 1)

Kung Faux Ill Master part 2
Kung Faux Ill Master part 3

Other episodes.. click here

Kung Faux is a comedy television series that remixes classic kung fu movies with popular music, comic book style editing and video game style special effects, and new voice-over dubbing from primarily hip hop personalities.

BONUS MOVIE: The 4 Shaolin Challengers

Kung Faux Official Site

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