Home Wind (Demo)

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Home Wind is a minimalist, relaxing and cozy city builder about creating large settlements based on proximity tactics.


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Earth – Home

The Earth is warming, and nobody knows why.. (there are some theories), some scientists say that human activities are speeding-up the phenomenon and (even if slightly) are breaking the natural balance. Scientist predicts very bad side-effects like the flood of most of the lands.. We are coming closer to the point of no return, after that date the catastrophic process will be irreversible.

If you think that living in underwater cities is cool you have never played BioShock.. 😆

click here to WATCH THE MOVIE (English subs)

The Movie is available in various language subtitles:
(English, French, German, Russian and Arabic)
Link to other languages subtitles (official YT page)

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Dossergame (browser)

Dossergame is an online browser game. The goal of the game is to turn your avatar from a tramp into a millionaire. There are many ways to achieve this: for instance, you can get virtual donations from other players, learn to play a musical instrument and go busking and invest the money you earn in further education courses or a better home. Step by step you improve your avatar until one day he can move into his very own chateau.


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Watch a Video 2

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