Unknown Horizons Release of Version 2017.1

A new version of the game is ready for download.

Unknown Horizons is an open source realtime economy simulation game with strategy elements in an isometric 2D engine loosely oriented towards Sunflower’s Anno series.

Unknown Horizons however is not an Anno emulator and you cannot play Anno with it. Unknown Horizons is not able and not supposed to use content from Anno. Therefore, you don’t need Anno to play Unknown Horizons. Unknown Horizons is based upon the FIFE game engine.

The Game is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Source code available.


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Pirates of New Horizons

“Pirates of New Horizons” is a singleplayer action adventure game, in which the player takes control of the young space pirate Annha, who travels the void on her search for hidden treasures. The game mixes platformer elements with puzzles and skill-based combat, then puts everything into a fascinating world of pirates and science-fiction.

You can play the free prototype directly in your browser or downloading, for windows and macintosh.


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Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion

DH: Lore Invasion puts the player into the very mind of the most lethal war machines ever to engage combat in the war-torn Earth of 2155. Connected by a remote neural link, you control your Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) in a squad of allied warriors while seeking to claim soil for the faction to which you’ve pledged your allegiance. Can you lead your people to peace in a harsh universe where reflexes and nerves of steel are the touchstones of victory? Or will your enemy overpower you with superior resolve and unrelenting firepower? How will you write the Lore of the future?

Download: WindowsLinuxMacintosh

Watch a Video

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