Space Wars: Interstellar Empires

Helm your own ship, battle for supremacy in a multi-faction war, and conquer the cosmos in this science fiction turn-based strategy game. Select from more than 100+ diverse star ships and fight for territory across a 2D hex-based grid.


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Play Interstellar Marines Free for a Week

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Play Interstellar Marines for FREE through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Interstellar Marines at 66% off the regular price!


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Kongregate’s Unity Games Contest

This is an old news.. Kong launched a contest for Unity 3d made games..
There are already quite a list of games to play so if you wanna give them a try here..


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After the Vault and BullsEye, another chapter is ready to be played..
InterStellar Marines is a game powered by Unity 3d engine with an interesting business model, basically (if i understood correctly) the gamers buy in advance the game which will be developed using those money, the gamers are (partly) the publisher..


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Interstellar Marines BullsEye (Preview)

Interstellar Marines Bullseye is a playable preview introducing some of the weapon shooting mechanics from the game. In a series of advanced weapons training programs, ITO AI ‘SARA’ tests the capabilities of gamers, to calculate if they have what it takes to become an Interstellar Marine.

IM is published by Everyone who will purchase the game!


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Interstellar Marines: The Vault

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Made with the Unity engine and experienced directly in your browser, The Vault is the next step in the journey that is Zero Point Software’s Interstellar Marines.

“The Vault” is the first step on a long journey which will forever change the way you preview Interstellar Marines. Envisaged as the 21st century’s take on a game’s screenshot and video previewer, The Vault is an in-engine concept preview of some of the characters in Interstellar Marines.

To enter The Vault Click here


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