Anomaly Korea for Free

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Anomaly Korea for Free, if you register an account with gamesrepublic online shop.


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Nexon Launches Counter-Strike Online 2 in Korea

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Developed by Nexon and based on Valve’s Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike Online 2 is the sequel to Counter-Strike Online, which has been a popular title throughout Asia since its launch in 2008. Counter-Strike Online is a team-based, tactical FPS game that pits a team of terrorists against a team of counter-terrorists in a series of rounds.


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Take 2 invade Asia with Free to play online

Take 2 enter the Asia market with free to play online titles like Civilization Online, NBA 2K Online, NBA 2K All-Stars and Pro Baseball 2K.


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Kabod Online

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Kabod Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG rated 18+. The game has open PvP, plenty of violence, and some nudity. Players chose from four classes and are tasked with killing monsters and completing quests. The game has open PvP which means players after a certain level can be attacked almost anywhere. It is possible to steal items from other players, and to date NPCs in town with some interaction 😆


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Mabinogi Heroes (some videos)

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This looks interesting, seems a good game to waste some time on it, when it will be released in the west .


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BattleField Online (Asia)

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BattleField Online is a game developed in Korea based on the Battlefield 2 engine. My guess is that this will be a free modded version with mmo elements, similar to what they did in asia with Fifa Online.


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